The Key Differences Between Whigs And Democrats?

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The major parties since early 1830s in the United States of America were the Democratic Party, organized by Andrew Jackson, and the Whig Party, assembled by Henry Clay from the National Republicans and in opposition to Andrew Jackson.
There were no sectional differences between the Democratic Party and the Whig Party, but there were some cultural differences. Whig party operated from the early 1830s to the mid-1850s. The Whigs approved the authority and the power of the Congress over the presidency, favored a program of economic protectionism and modernization; they also supported active social reform. According to the Johnson County Community College’s historians, the name "Whig," which Revolutionary patriots also used to signify their opposition to King George III, was chosen to echo the American Whigs of 1776 and meant to convey; and throughout their twenty-year history, fought for independence, and because "Whig" was then a widely recognized label of choice for people who saw themselves as opposing tyranny. According to professor Michael F. Holt , the Whig party combined Anti-masons and National Republicans as well as two different groups of southern anti-Jackson people who had supported Henry Clay and his policy in 1832 because they considered National Republicans' nationalistic economic program as an unconstitutional illegality of states' rights. The issue that united anti-Jackson men in the Whig party in 1834 was their common displeasure at Jackson's executive order of September 1833 removing federal deposits from the Bank of the United States. They believed in the strong government and interference in the national economy. That’s why Whigs defended Henry Clay’s vision of the American system, which involved existence of the Bank of the United States, a protective tariff, strong central government and its intervention both in economic and in social affairs. John Mack Faragher at all claim that this group of people defended national rather than sectional interests. Also they believed in internal improvements, which means, that people, poor and rich, could have a good life if they are self-disciplined. The Whigs were very active participants in economic changes, education and social reforms. To improve the inward America, the Whigs helped create private colleges, public schools, cultural institutions and charities. People, who belonged to this political party, were in favor of religion, which was an important aspect in political joining. (81) The Whig party introduced compromise and balance in government, territorial expansion, national unity and support for a domestic manufacturing and national transportation network.
The Whig’s power was based in the North and the Northwest, which was New England and Old Northwest. The Whig ideas were authoritative among areas, which were affected by factory work and commercial agriculture, therefore among southern planters and urban merchants. David Currie claims that
The Whigs related to voters...

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