"The Main Function Of Religion In Society Is The Control Of Weaker Social Groups By The More Powerful."

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Religion is the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal god or gods. There are many sociological arguments and evidence both for and against the statement that "The main function of religion in society is the control of weaker social groups by the more powerful." These sociological arguments come from many of the main sociological perspectives and include evidence from the likes of Marx, Durkheim, Weber, De Beauvoir, Engels and Turner.One of the main sociological arguments that would agree with the above statement if from the Marxist perspective as they tend to see society as a structure divided into two major parts. The first and most important part is the economic base or infrastructure. The second major part known as the superstructure consists of the rest of society, in the form of the political, legal and educational systems, beliefs and ideas. Marx claimed that the infrastructure largely shapes the superstructure in other words the economic system largely shapes the rest of society.Marx also sees society as being dominated by the capitalists who are seen to exploit the working class in order to make a profit for themselves. As it is the capitalists who have control of the economy (infrastructure) they are seen as having dominance and influence over the other key institutions (superstructure), which includes the institution of religion. Marx argues that the capitalist's use their influence over religion in order to maintain the existing system of exploitation and reinforce class relationships, and in doing this keeps the working class in their place. Religion also offers an illusion of hope in a hopeless situation which, prevents thoughts of overthrowing the system as people believe that they will be compensated for their suffering in this life by gaining a higher status or being better off in their next life."To Marx, religion is an illusion which eases the pain produced by exploitation and oppression. It is a series of myths that justify and legitimate the subordination of the subject class and the domination and privilege of the ruling class. It is a distortion of reality which provides many of the deceptions that form the basis of the ruling class ideology and false class consciousness."(Haralambos and Holborn, 2000, 436)Marx believes that religion is a 'conservative force' in that it prevented social change by helping the capitalists to maintain their dominance and allowed the working class to be fooled into thinking this was the way things had to be and to accept their place. The working classes were lead to believe that to express anger at their current position is to show unacceptable anger against god. He also argued that religion should be abolished and then the illusion it creates would disappear and therefore a classless society would emerge.Evidence which backs up Marx's claim that religions main function is the dominance of one group over another can be seen in the caste system of...

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