The Key To Developing A Student Writer

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In a student’s educational career, they will experience various approaches and forms of appraisal, especially those of writing assignments (Source # 6). Assessment tends to be most helpful when it can demonstrate the difference between what the student produced and what was desired (Source # 2). Therefore, it is vital for assessors to understand that simply underlining aspects of a student’s writing assignment is inadequate feedback that is unable to develop a student’s writing abilities (Source # 10). Valuable assessments are also largely influenced by how a student perceives the assignment, their own abilities to produce the work and their personal goals for learning (Source #2).
Often students are provided with a rubric that may include the assignments categories, standards for assessment and or the expectations for presenting and evaluating the learning (Source #9). While rubrics structurally precursor a writing assignments expectations and a final assessment basis, it is not as influential as the assessment style of detailed written feedback, for the future development of a student writer.

Prior to the consideration of assessments of writing assignments, a general understanding was established from the provided sources about various forms, opinions and analysis of effective assessments. From this research, the central focus on the use of detailed written feedback became focal because it is utilized by both professor and student, but also because development of assessment and feedback could be most effective in advancing student maturity in the area of writing. Information to precursor and support this claim was taken from seven provided sources with valuable information on all aspects of the assessment of writing assignments.

As stated, the assessment style of detailed written feedback may be most influential for the future development of a student writer. A study provided that 75.3% of students surveyed confirmed that they look at the...

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