The Key To Tickle A Woman's Heart

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Have you ever been stuck in a place not knowing where to go just because your long time crush just passed by? Or have you ever been in a situation where your crush came up to you and you just don’t know what to do, other than to stare at her? Or did it take you months or even years only to find out what is it in her that makes your heart beat faster every time you see her? You always ask yourself when you would have the courage just to get her attention. Well, worry no more, because I conducted a survey on how to tickle and win a woman’s heart in eight simple steps.First and foremost, since the two of you do not know each other, you must first make a good impression because as we all know, first impression last, and it is very hard to change it once you have given her an impression. Having a good impression is a good way get close to her and start being acquainted with each other. If you had a good impression, she would not be scared to approach and talk to you.The second step is act like an agent. You need to find out the things that she likes and at the same time, those that she doesn’t like. When you start having conversation with her, you already know what to say and talk about that will make her really interested with you.The third step is to win her friends. It is really a big advantage when you have her friends on your side. As we know, a guy can be involved in any parties that she and her friends will be attending. He can get closer to the girl if the girl will see him more often. If they see each other more often there would be a big possibility that they will have more time to talk and know each other. These things won’t be realistic if you do not win her friends first.The fourth step is to start being friends with her. Why don’t you try to invite her or even with her friends to come with you in a date. Then, when you are in the date, have a chat with her then talk about the things like her hobbies, and how she handled her time and what she usually do. Make her feel...

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