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The Keystone Oil Pipeline Project Essay

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Almost every single nation in our world today, the United States included, is extremely reliant on oil and how much of it we can obtain. Wars have been started between countries vying for control of this valuable natural resource. The United States as a whole has been trying to reduce its reliance on foreign oil and has had some success, especially with the discovery of the Bakken formation and projects like the Keystone Pipeline.
Projects like the Keystone Pipeline are important as they will allow us to transport more oil than we would be able to in train cars, and grants larger access to oil reserves in the United States and Canada. The Keystone Pipeline itself is an oil ...view middle of the document...

It would also allow the United States to move a much larger volume of oil across the country than it is currently.
There has however, been a large amount of opposition to the proposed section of pipeline, mainly from different groups of environmentalists and the Democratic Party. One of the main concerns that they have stated is that the Keystone Pipeline would be a large disturbance in Nebraska’s sand hills region.

- A section of the Keystone Pipeline
The Keystone Pipeline began as a project to be built in Canada and was originally proposed by the TransCanada Corporation in early February, 2005. It was originally intended to convert a section of TransCanada’s mainline gas pipe to a crude oil pipeline which would then deliver oil to the United States. The project has faced challenges since its inception because two years after it was proposed, the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union of Canada asked the Canadian federal government not to approve the project. The union president Dave Coles said “The Keystone pipeline will exclusively serve US markets, create permanent employment for very few Canadians, reduce our energy security, and hinder investment and job creation in the Canadian energy section.”
The original project was finally approved in 2007 by the National Energy Board of Canada, and was quickly followed one year later by a presidential permit from the United States; which would allow construction and operation of the pipeline and the border of the two countries. Another event that happened in 2008 was ConocoPhillips acquiring a 50% stake in the project.
One year later in the summer of 2009, TransCanada decided that they once again wanted to be the sole owner of the project and bought out ConocoPhillips share. Over the course of all these events, it had taken TransCanada more than two years to acquire all of the necessary permits prior to construction even beginning. Once construction had begun, the original pipeline flowed from the town of Hardisty, Alberta, Canada to Patoka, Illinois, United States. It was finally operational in 2010.
Keystone XL and they Keystone pipeline are one and the same project, Keystone XL is simply an expansion to the existing pipeline. It has however, been met with much more resistance from both environmental groups and political parties in the United States. The Keystone XL was originally proposed as an extension to the pipeline in the year 2008. “The XL stands for export limited”. After the expansion to the project was proposed, the National Energy Board of Canada began to have hearings in 2009, and the project was approved one...

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