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The Keystone Xl Pipeline Essay

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I am directing your attention today on your pending decision on the Keystone XL Pipeline. Your decision would approve or reject the TransCanada request to construct a 1,179 mile-long oil pipeline addition to the existing Oklahoma-Texas pipeline 0. The addition would pump bitumen oil from refineries in Canada to Oklahoma, and thus to Texas refineries (Eilperin, 1). In addition, the Keystone XL Pipeline has faced intense debate in support and opposition. Your decision will be impactful on future American-Canadian relations, as well as, the energy resource market. It is my position to consult you on major decisions as these, therefore, I advise that you reject the pipeline addition from Canada ...view middle of the document...

The proposed route expands over several states and the construction of this mass pipelines will cause deforestation and the destruction of farm lands (Williamson, 2). The risk of spills are abundant. TransCanada has reported 14 leaks in the existing Keystone Pipeline (Williamson, 4). Erroneous welding has caused leaks causing Texas citizens to implement programs to hold TransCanada accountable for leaks and the cleanup responsibilities (Public Citizen, 1). Spills are detrimental to entire ecosystems, especially considering how new oil sand technologies are. The procedures to remove bitumen oil are complicated and expensive. Take into account the Enbridge Oil Spill in Michigan. Thousands of barrels of oil spilled into a river, causing the river’s sediments to mix with the bitumen and thus forever alter the ecosystem (Giles, 3). Also, if the spill occurs over land, it will be a health concern regarding residents of the area. Each of these hazards must be considered when deciding to implement a project as massive as the Keystone XL Pipeline. The environmental concerns that are present are enough to deny the project.
The economic contributions that the Keystone XL Pipeline are not sufficient enough. According to the State Department, only 1,950 jobs will be created through the production of the pipeline, furthermore, only 50 of those jobs will be permanent. Additionally, the pipeline is proposed to cost the United States $7 billion dollars and contribute just $3.4 billion, .02% of the United States GDP (Eilperin, 1). Considering these numerals, Keystone XL Pipeline is not efficient. It will cost the...

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