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The Children Of This Nation Are Not Being Treated Equally

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In 1992, Ireland’s government signed up to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC), which would lead some to believe that Ireland’s government is committed to ensuring that every child in Ireland gets the best chance possible in life. Unfortunately though this is not the case as each day in Ireland there are thousands of vulnerable children that are not having some of their basic needs met. Since 2009 the Children’s Rights Alliance publishes a report card each year that scrutinises the Government’s progress on its key promises to children (Children’s Rights Alliance, n.d.). This year’s report card gave the Irish Government an F grade in relation to child poverty which highlights the lack of support the government are giving to low income families. This essay will focus on some of the areas where the Irish Government are failing some of the most vulnerable percentage of the population in relation to child poverty, and show child poverty can have a knock on affect to future generations. It will also examine areas that the Government urgently need to focus on and revise, in order for child poverty to be reduced in Ireland.
The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child was approved by the United Nations General Assembly in 1989 to acknowledge the individual rights of vulnerable children and advocate for their protection across the globe. In 1992, Ireland became one of 193 states that signed up to the Convention, in doing so Ireland was showing that it was dedicated to promoting the rights and protection of Children in Ireland.
Although Ireland signed up to the Convention, and have made some progress in safe guarding the children of their nation, they have made little effort to ensure that the children of lower income families are supported. The economic downfall in Ireland has seen the government put more money into bailing out failing banks and private companies than making sure the children of lower income families are protected. Since going in to recession Ireland’s Government have been making cuts each year to payment such as social welfare, rent allowance, back to school clothing allowance and children’s allowance. They have raised taxes, introduced property tax and in 2014/2015 the Government is introducing water rates. All of this has had a negative impact on most families and will continue to put an enormous strain on families to try and provide for their children.
According to the Income and Living Conditions Survey, published by the Central Statistics Office the, that the amount of people earning under €11,000 grew in 2011. It also showed that there was a significant rise in the amount of people at risk of poverty which jumped from 14.7% in 2010 to 16% in 2011 (Central Statistics Office, Ireland, 2013). Social Justice Ireland, say’s that the number of people who are living in poverty in Ireland has now reached 733,000, meaning that 232,000 children are now at risk of poverty (Social Justice Ireland,...

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