"The Kind Of Man I Will Never Be" The Story "Gimpel The Fool" Is Written By Isaac Singer

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The story "Gimpel the Fool" is written by Isaac Singer. In the story he writes about a man named Gimpel who goes through life being ridiculed by the people of the town because of his foolish ways. He is considered a fool because he appears to believe everything that is said to him. Even though he knows the truth, he manages to convince himself otherwise. Although he is a good man he never draws a line between being good and being a fool. Gimpel is both by choice.Reb Gimpel is a man of many ways; he is loving, caring, a religious man and known the most as the town's fool. The dictionary defines the word fool to be a stupid person, one who lacks sense and good judgment. In his world there is ...view middle of the document...

People got angry. "What do you mean? You want to call everyone a liar!" What was I to do? I believed them and I hope it did them some good."(96). He's so afraid of people's backlash that he accepts his role as the fool. He knows that the prank of his parents rising from the dead is a lie, but to fit his role and amuse the crowd he goes along with the prank and looks stupid. In that chapter Gimpel says "To tell the truth, I knew very well that nothing of the sort had happened, but all the same, as folks were talking, I threw on my wool vest and went out."(96).Gimpel is also a very passive person. He never really puts up much of a fight when he knows he's being fooled. Throughout the story I was waiting for Gimpel to fight back at least once and stick with it. But he never does. There was an incident where some people pass him goat turds as raisins and he discusses what it would be like to slug them. In that chapter he says "I was no weakling. If I'd slapped someone he'd see all the way to Cracow. But I'm not a slugger by nature. I think to myself: Let it pass. So they take advantage of me" (96). Even whenhe was courting Elka for marriage, she demands a dowry of fifty guilders from him. Gimpel replied, "It's the bride and not the groom who gives a dowry" (97). She responded by telling him there is no bargain to either accept or deny her offer. It is this or go back where you came from. He never put up a fight and eventually consented and married her. I was so shocked when I read all this. I would have sent them all to hell. But that's just me.Through all of this Gimpel is still a good man at heart. There is a time where Elka's oldest son hit Gimpel. And Gimpel thinking this son of Elka was a little brother of hers (because that's what was told to him) does nothing. If it were me, I would have disciplined that child. I wanted to see that from Gimpel, but he never does a thing! He just takes what comes his way. Even after finding Elka in bed with another man, he separates from her for some time and through all that he sends her food and money. I felt bad for Gimpel. Here was a man that deep down inside is a good person. He sends food and money to a wife that cheats on him because he feels bad for not being with her. Personally it's stupid because how can you still want to support a person that would do you wrong. He raises all of Elka's children as his own despite his suspicions of her bearing a child seventeen weeks into their marriage. There are not many men I know that would put up with all of this and still be the person Gimpel is.I think his...

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1380 words - 6 pages (Singer 87). By The story "Gimpel the Fool" was a wonderful and humorous story. This story presents a humorous psychological study as well as an analysis of the nature of reality. This kind of story can only be done by a "Jewish writer" (Kazin 353). Gimpel is a wise man because he is strong. Gimpel was able to change his decision to urinate in the bread. However, knowing that hey was close to actually doing it he decided he must leave the town

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