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The clock had chimed loudly for the third time. In half an hour my little sister will have finished kinder for the day and would be waiting for me to pick her up. My mum was in a hurry and ordered me to turn off the annoying kettle. The kettle sat there boldly ringing in the gleaming afternoon sunlight. I flicked the switch, which, seemingly put it out of its misery. My mother sat in the car yelling for me to hurry up before we were late. My mother revved the engine as I closed the front door behind me. The car shook as I walked past the front of the car letting out a gust of warm air on my face coming from under the bonnet. I got in the car and we made our way towards the kindergarten.As we came closer we could make out the kindergarten on the horizon. The fluorescent yellow play equipment stood out in the green landscape as if it didn't belong. We had finally arrived, I got out and made my way to the door. All the peaceful sounds of the wind blowing through the towering trees and the birds chirping happily with one another all came to a sudden halt as I opened the door. The children ran around, screamed, and threw things as if they were unaware of the peacefulness that lay outside. I made my way closer to the children. There appeared to be hundreds of little kids looking up at me with me with mixed expressions, only pausing for a moment, before continuing to make a noise.It was a large room with a kitchen to the left and it had toys scattered all over the floor. A door led outside to the playground and Mrs. Smith the teacher sat at her desk keeping a watchful eye on the children. Mrs. Smith noticed me standing there and motioned me to come over. I made my way through the flowing sea of children which was harder than I thought. Rainbows of play dough lay scattered on the floor and...

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1231 words - 5 pages because they can never sit down and be quiet. If the teacher asks a question, they are the first to raise their hands. Does she need a volunteer? Do not worry, they have already got it covered. That wonderfully obnoxious child just so happened to be me. As most kids referred to it, the “big school” was not ready for me. Going to kindergarten had only been my life-long dream since the beginning of preschool. Public School 134 was a lot different

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958 words - 4 pages These papers you are about to read is about my kindergarten years through third grade years. My life has had its ups and downs but as you can tell I survived. These words on this paper are hopefully going to entertain you, but I understand if they don’t. Let’s see where should I begin? How about the beginning of kindergarten? My first day of school was probably the most horrifying day of my entire life. After my mom and grandma took hundreds

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749 words - 3 pages Case Study: October 15, 2017 My first meeting with the principal of North Elementary School consisted of us discussing of where she would like to put me to observe a child for a case study. She highly recommended that I go to Mrs. Lee’s Kindergarten classroom to observe “John.” This child had a history of hitting, then spitting on the teacher and causing a total disruption throughout the class time. I knew right away that I should go to her

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911 words - 4 pages according to their age. Yet the most innovating changed that occurred in the nineteenth century was the creation of kindergarten. Friedrich Froebel created the blueprint for modern education constructed on the idea that small children are able to learn through play (Gaither, 2011). Nonetheless, one can envision the impact of early childhood education, kindergarten, by tracing the origins of its conception, and grasp the general idea that Friedrich

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1266 words - 5 pages This article is about social-emotional learning and how it can potentially benefit kindergarten students. This study’s purpose was to consider kindergarten when promoting social and emotional learning in schools. Since relatively few studies have been conducted in the kindergarten classroom, this study examines the effects of the Strong Start curriculum for kindergarteners in this setting. This curriculum tests the competence of sixty-seven

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1022 words - 5 pages levels. Finding the baseline is crucial for determining where to start with each student. The Development of Reading in Children Who Speak English as a Second Language In this study two groups were compared to study reading and language skills between English as second language (ESL) students and native English speaking (L1) students. This study was conducted from the time that the students were in Kindergarten through the spring of their

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922 words - 4 pages options and focus on two careers I feel will best suit my personality. A kindergarten teacher and a fashion designer share similarities and differences, and focusing on the jobs’ salary, work environment, and requirements will help me choose the right career for me. Having money in the current economy is vital for a comfortable living style, so I need to take into a fact the salary of a kindergarten teacher and a fashion designer. According to BLS

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1304 words - 5 pages “At what age should I enroll my children in school? Why are we pushing our children at such an early age? I just want my children to be children. Will Pre-K really prepare them for Kindergarten?” These are all questions that parents ask themselves as their children start approaching school age. Parents have to face the decision about whether or not to send their children to pre-k before kindergarten, or if they will just send them to

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975 words - 4 pages -kindergarten teacher from Japan calls her parent in to talk to him about his 5 year old performance and academic achievement. She goes into detail praising Shekinah’s academic achievement and how she would be better starting in kindergarten when we return to states, instead of the second level of kindergarten. Upon arrival to Virginia, the parent went to the school and passed on the information. And the school insist that she had to pass a

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