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The King And Queen Of Grunge

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“Who will be the king and the queen of the outcasted teens?” asks an original lyric from Nirvana's 1991 hit “Smells Like Teen Spirit”, written by Kurt Cobain (Nirvana). Little did Cobain know that he and the lead singer of the punk group Hole, Courtney Love, would soon become the royalty of grunge in the early nineties. While the life of the rich and famous seems glamourous from the outside, a single glance within the lives of these legendary performers would prove otherwise. The pair seems like an odd couple at first; Courtney being a poster child for drugs, alcohol and loud rock music, and Kurt just starting out on the music scene with a brand new band and a bright future ahead (Bio). What ...view middle of the document...

Simultaneously, Courtney Love was also building her career as a rockstar in California. Love was born in San Francisco on July 9th, 1964 to parents who later divorced when she was five years old. She also experienced abuse and drug problems as that was the environment she was exposed to at an early age. In 1989 she formed the band Hole after an advertisement in a local newspaper caught the attention of Eric Erlandson, a guitarist. After discussing her desires for the band, they really began in 1991 after collaborating with Kim Gordon, a famous record producer and guitarist of Sonic Youth. Both Courtney and Kurt’s music careers took off in 1991 with the release of both of their debut records.
The pair met a year before Holes debut album was released at a club in Portland, Oregon, and later at random shows throughout the following year. Soon Nirvana’s Nevermind began a whirlwind of talk in the US, just as their budding romance did. In February 1992 they were married on a beach in Hawaii, and in August Courtney gave birth to their first and only child, Frances Bean Cobain. In the duration of their short marriage the couple continued to do drugs together, and neither of them could shake the horrible habit. Eventually this destructive habit caught up with Cobain as he was found dead above a Seattle garage with shotgun wound to the head and a suicide note by his side on April 8th, 1994. This event thoroughly upset Courtney and she appeared a few days later at a memorial service and read the note to the crowd, sobbing. Almost a week after Cobain’s death Hole’s next album came out and furthered her success in the music industry. The pair “understood themselves as unloved children, as co-dependents” and they “took turns rescuing and protecting each other from exploitation,illness [and] bad publicity”; there was no doubt that they were a perfect fit for each other, and in the end there was no doubt that Courtney truly loved Kurt (Woodward 132).
This royal pair of musicians’ lives and music greatly impacted the whole of America, especially after Cobain’s death. News about his death shocked millions across the world, but specifically students who attended his past...

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