The King Of Burgers, Patriotic Or A Problem?

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The fast food franchise as a whole has slowly weaved its way to becoming an integral part of American culture ever since the first fast food restaurant emerged. One, in particular, continues to make an impression on our culture is Burger King. The restaurant chain sells one of America’s most purchased food products, the burger, and has done well enough to spread throughout the United States and beyond through the use of media. One of the best ways Burger King has taken advantage of media was to spread its product through ads designed to be noticed and to eclipse all competitors through the use of major figures, but can sometimes have a secondary meaning to those who delve past the initial surface. The Burger King ad featuring the Mount Rushmore National Monument attempts to persuade it’s audience to purchase it’s food by revealing that even America’s Presidents enjoy the food it provides; however, even though the persuasion of the ad succeeds on the surface by showing a sense of satisfaction on their faces, it could be taken alternatively by stating that the ad illustrates gluttony and obesity in America to the point of the monument adapting to reflect this.
Allow me to describe the particular ad that will be discussed within this piece. The boarder of the ad is white with a Burger King logo in the bottom right corner and the phrase “The Whopper. America’s favorite burger”. The image depicts a clear blue sky and Mount Rushmore, located near Keystone, South Dakota. Carved into the granite mountain face (from left to right) is the sculpture of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln. Each of the presidents’ faces has bloated chipmunk cheeks and smiles to from ear to ear which supports the persuasion of being satisfied and enjoying Burger kings food. Alternatively, Washington and Jefferson also have thick necks not seen in the actual monument, which supports that the monument has changed and become bigger and fatter. The ad does succeed in displaying that the food at Burger King is so good that it could be called “Presidential worthy”, but due to the engorged necks of Washington and Jefferson, it also reveals that they are getting larger from eating it.
The ad wants to show its audience that its food is good enough that even presidents would eat it. By using a very well know patriotic symbol to market their food, they could say that they plan to feed America only the best because the leaders of our country deserve nothing less than the best. Each face is smiling to show that they are satisfied with the meal they ate to the point that their cheeks will burst if they eat anymore. They seem to be happy with their decision to support the Burger King logo and the great satisfaction they received from devouring the meals given to them. With the enormous credit given by, arguably, one of the United States most patriotic monuments, what patriot would not purchase food from Burger King in order to support their...

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