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"The King Of Hollywood" Essay

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The time of great prosperity and change began to increase in the USA in the 1920s. "The Red Scare" frightened the minds of Americans and immigrants were coming from all over the world to the USA. People started the fashions of new music, American Jazz, and the Nineteenth Amendment was established, which gave the right to any woman to vote. It was also a time of industrial growth and intensive progress. New sources of entertainment were invented: automobiles, improved airplanes, radio and especially movies captured the society of that time. One recognized figure of cinematography was Douglas Fairbanks Sr., who is known for his comedies, heroic swashbucklers and his significant efforts for American movie production. (Encyclopedia of Popular Culture).Famous American silent movie actor was Douglas Fairbanks was born in Denver, Colorado on May 23, 1889. His father Charles Ulman escaped his responsibility of fatherhood by separating with his wife and leaving his two sons Douglas and Robert with their mother. However, his sons had some happy memories about their father. Their mother Ella Fairbanks, besides taking care of them, influenced Doug's interest to become an actor. According to her: "Doug was physically active from a young age, falling off the roof" (, media site). Growing up in Denver, Doug started acting in theaters around the city. His mother took him to theater performances and shows. As a result young Doug met the retired actress Maude Fealy, who was his first instructor. Soon after, Doug was brought to the attention of the professional actor-manager Frederick Warde.(geocities. com)After Doug turned 17 he moved to New York City by taking an offering from Mr.Warde. Having not finished his senior year, young Fairbanks worked at many places, besides trying to make his way to the Broadway stage. Finally singing a contract with the theatrical producer William Brady, he joined the company for the Broadway season. Doug hoped to reach the top, and worked very hard to succeed. Although first his movies did not make him famous, success was not far from him.In 1907 Mr. Fairbanks met and married the beautiful blond Anna Beth Sully, whose father was in a big business. Doug happily agreed to work with her father and stop theatrical acting for a little while. Soon after their marriage Anna gave birth to Douglas Fairbanks Jr., who was named after his father. In 1915, coming back to acting Doug entered the company Triangle of Fine Arts, where he made his debut with the picture "The Lamb".(geocities. com). Over the next several years , after his successful movies such as " The Half Breed", "Manhattan Madness" , " The Americano", and some others, and Doug became quite popular, not just in the United States ,but also in Europe .By that time, becoming a well-known actor and making enough money, Doug was able to create his own production companies and his own movies. He was not only an actor, but also produced many movies and wrote scripts with his...

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