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The King Of Horror Essay

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Stephen King was born on September 21, 1947 in Portland, Maine (Biography Today). During the course of a thought-provoking childhood, King gained an interest in chilling stories that were far too grown-up for such a young boy (Biography Today). His concentration on demoralizing stories became his own clandestine escape from his particular fears brought on by a life-changing event for his family (Kehoe). The life-changing event that was brought on at such a youthful age has developed the king of horror, who is now a renowned author.
King was born to Nellie and Donald King, of Portland, Maine (Biography Today). Along with having Stephen in 1947, they adopted Stephen’s brother, David in 1945 ...view middle of the document...

Following his reading of “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”, King decided to write his own demoralizing story, because he felt that he could write a better one (Biography Today). It was at this moment that King realized he treasured writing, because he identified that writing helped him escape his own distressing fears and unsettled childhood (Kehoe).
At the age of eleven, King’s family moved back to Maine where they stayed throughout King’s adolescence (Biography Today). While their mother worked long hours, Stephen and David went to the movies to watch as many spine-chilling movies as they could stand (Biography Today). The creepier the movies were, the more they enjoyed them, and being terrified out of their seats was the entertainment for King and his younger brother, David (Biography Today). The excitement from the spine-chilling movies inspired King to begin writing down everything he saw, so he could begin to lay a new foundation for another story (Biography Today).
Today, King is a renowned author for his blood-curdling stories, with the occasional film to accompany them. He writes four hours a day to escape the horror of his...

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