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The Kingdom Of Complications Essay

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These small words of encouragement allowed Isabella to continue, and simultaneously they turned to face each other.
“Adrian, please raise your right palm.”
Doing as he was told, Adrian raised his white palm to the air, right in front of his face.
“Isabella, please also raise your right hand to match with your husband’s, but do not let them touch,” Isabella’s father commanded and waited for her to do as she was told. Not pulling her eyes from Adrian’s, she raised her right hand. “Now, allow each of us,” Isabella’s father said referring to himself and King Ferdinand, “to take the white glove off of each of you.”
At this, both Isabella and Adrian froze. Although they both wanted to pull ...view middle of the document...

Jax continued to yell to Isabella as he stormed through the guards, running away from the soldiers chasing him.
“Stop,” Isabella commanded softly to the soldiers chasing her best friend. She turned quickly towards Jax, “What do you need?”
“Just take his hand. Trust me,” Jax pleaded.
“But,” Isabella started, but then she remembered she could always trust Jax. Did she trust him enough? Making her final decision, she turned back to Adrian, closed her eyes hard, and grabbed his hand waiting for his screams. When they never came, Isabella opened her eyes slowly only to find Adrian doing the same. There were no screams, no hisses, no shrills of pain, just Adrian looking as confused and shocked as Isabella. Adrian looked down at their intertwined hands, Isabella following, and he slowly brought them in front of his face. It was as if he was admiring the way they fit together, like he hadn’t been touched in years, just like Isabella.
“H-how,” Adrian stuttered, turning Isabella’s hands in his own. All of a sudden, Adrian’s face lit up like a child on Christmas morning. He pulled Isabella into his arms and lifted her up, spinning in joy. All the while, they had contagious smiles on their faces and laughs from their mouths.
“Hurry up,” they heard from outside the curtains.
After they contained themselves, they stood side-by-side, hands joined, and with proud smiles on their faces, they walked through the curtains. As claps surrounded the two, Isabella and Adrian’s smiles got wider, and the two kings whipped their heads towards the happy couple.
An animalistic growl emitted from Isabella’s father’s mouth. “How?” he screeched. He looked like an animal, ready for attack. After a few seconds, the two kings regained their composure and reluctantly continued.
“Okay,” Isabella started after the ceremony had finished and they had gotten to their room, “why can I touch you? I don’t understand.”
Adrian reached for Isabella’s hand again, but Isabella flinched away. Adrian’s face contorted in sadness, and he slowly dropped his hand. The only person I can touch doesn’t want to. I guess luck isn’t on my side, he thought. Immediately after Adrian dropped his hand, Isabella reached forward and grabbed his hand, reassuring him along with herself.
Adrian smiled. “Have you ever heard about an herb called Quemador?” he asked,...

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