The Kingdom Of Israel From Omri To The Fall Of Samaria: If We Only Had The Bible...

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Grabbe (2007, P.54) conducted a study under the title “The Kingdom of Israel From Omri To The Fall Of Samaria: If We Only Had the Bible...” According the author there was a heated debate on whether the Bible is a problematic source of information about the settlement of central Palestine. The debate evolved to focus on the period of the first part of the monarchy the early period of ‘nationhood’ (Grabbe, p. 54). Consequently, the author conducted a study with four objectives and a main objective of identifying ways of assessing Biblical stories that cannot be checked with supplementary sources of information. The author arrived at five main conclusions, which indicated that the Bible provides both accurate and misleading information on the topic in question. This paper is an objective critique to Grabbe’s (2007) publication because it analyzes the main debate, methods used, and evidence provided by the author.
The Main Debate
The author wanted to contribute to the debate hence, used four objectives. The first objective was to check the information that is present in the bible (from a historical perspective). The writer also wanted to collect non-Biblical data in addition to comparing and contrasting Biblical data and non-Biblical data. Ultimately, the author also intended to identify ways for assessing Biblical data; where it cannot be checked with additional sources of information (Grabbe, p. 54). It is clear that the main debate was to establish if the Bible is a problematic source of information about the settlement of central Palestine.
Methods Used to Conduct the Study
To begin with, the author provided an outline of contents by covering sections from the Bible (which was the foundation for the entire publication). To be specific, the author extracted information from chapters in first Kings, Second kings, and Second Chronicles. For instance, information on the reign of Azariah was extracted from “2Kgs15.1-7// 2Chron.26.3-23” (Grabbe, 2007, p. 58). The author also used Archeological information by citing authors from historical scholars. This is highlighted the reality that Grabbe (2007, p. 62) used the Iron I, Iron II A , and Iron II B archaeological...

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