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The Kingdom Of God From Mark's Gospel

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The Kingdom Of God from Mark's Gospel

In Mark’s Gospel there are six parables that relate to the kingdom of
God. The parable of the Seed Growing secretly (4:26-29), The Parable
of the Sower (4:1-9, 13-20), The Parable of the Lamp (4:21-25, The
Parable of the Mustard Seed (4:30-34), Jesus and the Children
(10:13-19), The Rich Man (10:17-27) and The Greatest Commandment
(12:28-34). In each of the parables there is a simple meaning behind
each of them. The meaning behind them is not explained and is left for
the reader to work out and understand.

In the Parable of the Sower, the main messages are, making peoples
different views to the word of God apparent, also making people aware
of the different requirements of entry into the Kingdom of God. Jesus
shows the disciples how the word of God is accepted in different
peoples opinions. The four types of soil show how men and women
respond to the word of God, and the four different types of soil, the
seeds fall on, are the people. The ‘wayside’ soil (first soil)
represents the one who does not have the chance to respond to the
word, as Satan quickly carries off the word of God, also known as the
‘unresponsive hearer’. The ‘Stony places’ soil (second soil)
represents the one whom hears the word and straight away receives it
with joy. However, has no roots and therefore are not grounded in the
word of God, also known as ‘the shallow hearer’. ‘Among the thorns’
(the third soil), this soil represents the one who hears the word of
God, but the capability to bear the fruit is disrupted by the

* Cares of the world

* Riches

* Pleasures of Life

It is almost like they are ‘seduced’ by the pleasures of the world.
This soil is also known as the ‘wordly hearer’. The responsive hearer,
(the fourth soil) this soil hears the word of God and understands it;
they bear the fruits of life and have a lot of faith in their life. To
enter the Kingdom of God a person has to ensure that they let God work
in their lives, this becomes apparent in the Parable of the Sower.
This parable highlights that it is important for people to
concentrate, understand and live by the word of God, as much as they
can, so that they will be accepted into the Kingdom of God.

The Rich Man (Mark 10:17-27). Jesus was asked by the man, ‘what must I
do to inherit eternal life?’ Jesus then said that he must live by the
Ten Commandments. Jesus then told the man to sell everything he has
and give the money to the poor, the man then goes away every upset
because he has great wealth. Jesus sees being rich as being an
obstacle for entry into the Kingdom of God. This parable highlights
the importance of putting God first, and doing exactly what he says,
if you want to be accepted into the kingdom of God.

The Parable of the Lamp (Mark 4:21-25). Jesus...

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