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May 23, 2016
Louis XIV
Louis the Great (Also known as the Sun King) had many accomplishments as ruler of France. He held his monarchy for the longest recorded time in European history, spanning just short of 73 years. He also held power during three major wars: The Franco-Dutch war, the War of the League of Augsburg, and the War of the Spanish succession. Under his reign, many important discoveries in the new world were made, including colonies made in the America's and the far east. Louis made the beautiful Palace of Versailles which is an immense palace in which Louis and his nobles stayed during his rule.
Louis’s main achievements were expanding the effectiveness of the central government, increasing the boundaries of France to the north and east, and placing one of his grandsons on the throne of Spain. But these successes cost the nation dearly. The economy suffered during the long years of war, taxes increased, and the countryside was left vulnerable to punishing famines.
Like many of his predecessors, Louis XIV was a devout Catholic who wanted to crush the Protestant faith wherever it may be. In 1685 Louis XIV repealed the Edict of Nantes, which granted Huguenots religious freedom and the right to fortify their towns.
He turned France’s army into the strongest in Europe, which would help him effectively deal with conflicts both foreign and domestic. Louis XIV also created much wealth for France by strengthening its economy through the promotion of trade and industry.
Strengthened royal power, the army, the economy, and the arts to make France the leading power of Europe
Prevented dissent from within by keeping the nobles busy in the king’s court instead of battling for power
Versailles became a symbol of royal power and wealth
Absolutism can be seen here because Louis XIV was pretty much open to anything and everything.
Philip II
Philip attempted to create a fair political and judicial administration in order to win the hearts of his loyal subjects and the fear of criminals. He intervened in the judicial and government systems as little as possible, and only when he believed that injustices were committed against his people.
Philip even put class distinctions aside as he punished the aristocracy when he believed they violated the law.
Having the goal of expanding the Spanish Empire, Philip II waged many wars during his time on the Spanish throne. At the battle of Lepanto in 1571, which took place in Mediterranean Sea, Spain defeated the Ottoman Empire’s naval fleet. In 1580 Spain overtook Portugal, and united Spain and Portugal under Spanish control. Although both of these wars were seen as great accomplishments, they both put a strain on Spain’s wealth. The underlying factor to fighting a war is having the money to fund it. Feeding the soldiers, paying the soldiers, providing ammunition, building...

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