The Kings Speech

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The Kings Speech

This film is one of the best films produced in 2010, its clever recollection of both a episode in history and a very personal story the two blend perfectly and create one of the best dramatizations of a historical event ever made. The feeling each and every actor put into the film is incredible and makes you feel like its the first time they have felt the effects of the events, rather than the act they play. The director does a tremendous job at creating an atmosphere that even though this film is set in the 1930’s feels like it is happening in today’s society. Directed by Tom Hopper and written by David Seidler, The King's Speech is about King George VI (born Albert) and ...view middle of the document...

Lionel agrees to help Albert but it has to be on his terms. Elizabeth agrees to the terms and sends her husband to the session.

Logue doesn’t call Albert “your majesty” and instead dares to call him by his nickname Bertie. This doesn’t impress Bertie and he finds it difficult to understand and accept the unorthodox techniques of his new teacher. His techniques to Albert seem useless and stupid and he finds it difficult to swallow the student teacher relationship between the two of them. but slowly over time their friendship grows and a bond develops. Their relationship is an interesting layer to the film the delicate balance of Albert being King(royal) and Lionel(commoner) is cleverly portrayed with the Lionel pushing boundaries and challenging him. We see the makings of a true friendship.

You would think that seeing a bunch of verbal drills and speech exercises would be boring and put a real dull on the movie. there are a lot of them and they are silly, but are the right amount of funny to get a good laugh out of them. The humour in the film is subtle but straight up, even when Lionel encourages His Royal Highness to use swear words of the four- letter variety as a way to connect the words of a speech that he has a hard time getting out. and I couldn’t help but laugh when I listened to a member of the royal family swear.

David Seidler script is a work of art, the drama and...

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