The Kite Runner Symbolism Essay Holy Cross English 12 Essay

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The? ?Kite? ?Runner
How? ?does? ?the? ?author,? ??Khaled? ?Hosseini?,? ?use? ?symbolism? ?in? ?the? ?novel?
Symbolism? ?is? ?used? ?to? ?signify? ?ideas? ?and? ?qualities? ?by? ?giving? ?them? ?deep? ?symbolic? ?meanings
that? ?are? ?different? ?from? ?their? ?literal? ?sense.? ?The? ?pomegranate? ?trees? ?in? ?the? ?novel? ?signify? ?the? ?change
in? ?Amir? ?and? ?Hassan?s? ?relationship.? ?Representing? ?more? ?than? ?one? ?thing,? ?the? ?kite? ?in? ?the? ?story? ?is
very? ?important.? ?Furthermore,? ?Amir? ?describes? ?both? ?Hassan? ?and? ?Sohrab,? ?symbolically? ?comparing
them? ?to? ?a? ?lamb? ?of? ?sacrifice.? ?The? ?symbolism? ?of? ?the? ?pomegranate? ?tree,? ?the? ?kite,? ?and? ?the? ?lamb
gives? ?deeper? ?meaning? ?to? ?Khaled? ?Hosseini?s? ?novel? ??The? ?Kite? ?Runner.
The? ?pomegranate? ?tree? ?symbolizes? ?the? ?relationship? ?between? ?Amir? ?and? ?Hassan.? ?It? ?was? ?the
place? ?where? ?they? ?experienced? ?some? ?of? ?their? ?happiest? ?memories? ?together,? ?especially? ?when? ?Amir
read? ?his? ?stories.? ?It? ?was? ?young? ?and? ?healthy,? ?and? ?produced? ?fruit? ?before? ?the? ?rape? ?occurred.? ?After
the? ?rape,? ?the? ?pomegranate? ?tree,? ?an? ?area? ?where? ?brotherhood? ?was? ?bold,? ?became? ?a? ?place? ?where
Amir's? ?bitterness,? ?guilt,? ?and? ?anger? ?was? ?shown.? ?Amir? ?could? ?not? ?stand? ?to? ?go? ?to? ?the? ?tree? ?until? ?he
wanted? ?to? ?provoke? ?Hassan? ?into? ?giving? ?him? ?the? ??punishment? ?[he]? ?craved?(Hosseini? ?98)? ?.? ?He
invites? ?Hassan? ?there? ?and? ?when? ?the? ?Hazara? ?boy? ?fails? ?to? ?defend? ?himself,? ?he? ?just? ?continues? ?to? ?pelt
him? ?with? ?the? ?fruit? ?until? ?Hassan? ?is? ?completely? ?covered.? ?When? ?Hassan? ?smashes? ?the? ?fruit? ?on? ?his
forehead? ?and? ?asks? ?Amir? ?if? ?he? ?is? ?satisfied? ?now,? ?it? ?symbolizes? ?Hassan? ?as? ?the? ?willing? ?sacrificial
lamb,? ?another? ?key? ?symbol.
The? ?kite? ?serves? ?as? ?a? ?compelling? ?object? ?that? ?reflects? ?Amir?s? ?happiness? ?and? ?guilt.? ?Flying
kites? ?is? ?what? ?he? ?enjoys? ?most? ?as? ?a? ?child? ?and? ?it? ?helps? ?him? ?connect? ?to? ?Babba.? ?The? ?meaning? ?of? ?the
kite? ?alters? ?when? ?the? ?tournament?...

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