The Kkk Was A White Supremacy Group Who Targeted And Attacked Others

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Lianna Cabas
Ms. McKendry
English II
16 April 14
General Purpose: To inform
Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about the KKK and what they did to others
Central Idea: The KKK was a white supremacy group who targeted and attacked others
Pattern of Organization: Topical
Have you ever been judgmental? Maybe to the point of being racist? Everyone has had his or her judging moments. We may even have distinct looks or actions that could show that we are judging. African Americans, who were freed, had new rights, like the right to vote. People, mainly whites, were opposed to African Americans having those rights and then the KKK was formed. The KKK was a white ...view middle of the document...

It began during the end of Reconstruction, after the Civil War.
2. Nathan Bedford Forrest
A. He was the first leader of the KKK.
B. The grand wizard of the group.
3. Hierarchy
A. They have certain rankings and colors.
B. Some names are: Grand Wizard, Grand Dragon, Grand Titan, Grand Cyclops, Genii and etc.
C. They also made code names or code words, for example an Alien is someone that is not apart of the clan. They also abbreviated phrases, which showed how secretive they were.
4. Restore white supremacy/Targets
A. They targeted foreigners, Jews, Catholics, African Americans, etc. Basically anyone who was not white
B. They didn’t like how in 1867, African Americans were winning elections in southern states so the KKK ran a violent campaign against Republicans to change the laws of Reconstruction.
C. They had many other groups that were joined with and were being helped by. Resulting in 7 African American legislators being killed.
5. Night attacks/Lynching/Burning
A. They burned crosses and had rallies, which includes their marches stating that they didn’t want Catholics, Jews, Blacks and etc.
B. They also bombed or burned churches and schools belonging to African Americans and also targeting white campaigners.
C. They did not plan attacks; they just did it on their own. They wore white head coverings and white robes.
D. The...

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