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The Knife: A Short Story Essay

1015 words - 5 pages

Revenge. Desire. Death. These first three words entered into me the instant the man grabbed me inside his pocket. His thumb rubbed against my ornately designed handle. His body felt tense as he crept forward. Although I had no eyes I could sense we were in a large building. The man, a thief, slowly pulled me out of his pocket as he entered a dimly lit, but largely furnished room. I felt excited and nervous, the man’s energy pouring into me. The only other person in the room was a richly dressed man who loafed on a red velvet couch.

The man gripped me tighter, began a conversation with the rich man, and then arguing. Finally the thief lunged at the man and thrust my sharp blade into his chest, while he screamed in agony. Scared, the robber flew out of the house, and left me in the room.

Soon the authorities arrived. They inspected, poked, and snooped, and filed me into an evidence bag. It was constricting, uncomfortable, and confining. The police continued to search the building while they drove me away to a lab.

During the night I detected someone in the room, rustling around. The noise became louder and louder, and eventually it was right next to me. Annoyingly, the plastic obstructed my senses, so I couldn’t identify the person. Then my bag was unfastened. It was my owner! The thief. He slipped me out of the bag and exited the lab through a window. It was dark and murky outside; I felt the chilly air rush on me as my owner rushed away from the building. I was once again filled with excitement. What would my owner accomplish next? I hoped it would be something just as thrilling.

The man slowed down as we reached the edge of a cliff heading off into the sea. There was no one else around but us. What was my owner planning? He then lifted me in the air and tossed me hard into the deep ocean. I was stunned. My owner had discarded me! I wanted to feel hate, but I could not. No one wanted me. No one owned me. Slowly, I sunk into the ocean, fell asleep, and I became inanimate.

The sun pierced my blade with its rays. I awoke, feeling wildly around me. I couldn’t identify any humans or animals, just hot sand and the waves crashing next to me. But shortly, I heard a young voice.

A boy, who couldn’t be more than twelve years old, came sprinting down the sand. He rushed by me, but skidded to a stop. Slowly he strode over to me, bent over, and lifted me out of the burning sand. Now that I was closer I could observe him better. His skin was tanned brown from the sun, and his eyes inspected me. He deemed me valuable and slipped me into his raggedy pocket. I felt overjoyed to be owned again. It had been a long time since I had felt anything....

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