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The Knock Pt 1 Essay

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The Knock Pt.1

The following story is based on a dream I had on Saturday the 16th November, 2013. I remembered quite a bit of my dream almost exact to the actual dream, but the story might seem a little drafted so bear with me.
The night leading up to this dream was typical, I ate some food, nothing in particular. I then spent four hours watching some TV series and fell asleep with my dog... Completely normal. When I became conscious in the dream world I was in a loft bed, six feet off the ground and I had my arms tied to either corner. So I was in a crucifixion position, sprawled out and tied with what I want to say was very similar to what they use in a hospital when restraining someone. ...view middle of the document...

So I am thinking yes, finally I am going to be let free and we discuss what happened and we can be on our merry way.
The wife looks at me and I am speaking to her and I am saying what's going on, let me down and the look in her eyes is almost as if I am speaking some foreign language. She's staring at me and I am speaking to her and nothing is getting through and she leans up close to my ear, leaning in very carefully as if I might bite and says, " Granola fou psicalala ca." Which obviously makes no sense to me, so for some reason she's speaking something I don't understand I am speaking something she doesn't understand and she whispers it into my ear, again and again and again and she just keeps repeating and repeating, and I start to feel really scared and uncomfortable. As if it wasn't bad enough, I start feeling really shaky and I start looking around the room and things seem to have this weird esoteric glow to them, where just the edges of everything have this white glow coming out of them.
Then slowly my eyes start to roll into the back of head and as the roll into the back of my head I am brought into this whole new world, I want to call it my soul cave, because it was like looking inside of me but it was this long dark empty cavern, but at the very end of it was just this spark of light. As she keeps whispering in my ear this light becomes a little bit more like a mist, and the mist glowing from inside this whitish yellow and it's cater piling up from the deepest caverns of my soul cave, towards me.
Now constricted on the inside now as well but in a different way, I feel like the closer this thing gets the more my body seems to contort and twist and it feels like my limbs are being tied into these intercuit knots, and I am getting pains in my joints and this thing gets closer and closer I realize that I have to make it stop, I have to make stop and it's got to be connected to the wife whispering in my ear.
So my eyes come back out from inside and I look at her and I am begging her, " Please stop! You're bringing out something inside of me something I don't want, please you have to stop." But she just...

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