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The Knowledge I Gained This Year

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Over quarter 1, 2, and 3 I learned about three topics. The topics that I learned about included WWII Holocaust and internment, the space race, and the Civil Rights movement. In Quarter 2 I read a book about a young girl’s internment at an internment camp for Japanese in the US called Farewell to Manzanar.
In the book Farwell to Manzanar I learned about the Japanese that were sent to internment camps all over the United States because they were thought to be spies for the Japanese during WWII. This book was specifically about an internment camp in California by the name of Manzanar and a young girls experience in it. The girls name was Jeanne Wakatsuki and I learned that the Japanese lived in harsh conditions with very little water and food. I also learned that they lived in small uncomfortable cottages.
I also learned of the Holocaust and the horrible events within it. The events that followed the ...view middle of the document...

Whilst learning of the space race I had read a book by the name of October Sky. The book was about a boy named Homer Hickam Jr. and a few of his friends that have a dream of building a rocket that makes it into orbit. The Rocket Boys gained many friends along the way that aided in his rocket building and had eventually built 6 foot rocket that went 6,000 feet in the air. The lesson that I had learned from this book was to never give up and always follow my dreams and if I try hard enough they will become reality.
During my last quarter, quarter 4 I learned about the Civil Rights movement. Within the topic of the Civil Rights movement I had learned of the gruesome and horrible death of young Emmett Till, the intense fight for education in the Supreme Court Case Brown vs. Board of Education, the courageous battle though Central High school with the Little Rock9, the non-violent protests with the blacks and whites, the courageous freedom riders, and the stubborn and lively Rosa Parks fight for racial equality everywhere. The Civil Rights movement had taught me to try to be equal with everyone and to not be racist to anybody no matter the gender, religion, or race. Lastly, of all these events I honestly think that the Holocaust had impacted me the most.
I think that the Holocaust impacted me the most because it changed my thought pattern. The Holocaust had changed my thought pattern by I had never exactly judged people except for some people that had bad first impressions and now when I meet a new person even if they have a bad first impression I still continue to figure the person out. The Holocaust had shocked me because I thought it was horrible, intense, and scary how the Nazi’s had single handedly killed 56,125,262 people just because they were a different race, religions, or had a different perspective on life. Lastly, the Holocaust had impacted me most in one single way and that way was how the Nazi’s had only killed so many people because they didn’t like their outlook on life, religion, race, or if they were too old or too young and that taught me to never judge a person by their religion, race, outlook on life, or their physical features.

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