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The Experience Of Living In Another Country

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Living in another country is a difficult experience for many people. A common feature of people living in a foreign country is finding them Gathered together in restaurants, discussing about their home and their experiences in the foreign country. Moreover, these groups are not all from the same home country. Often, the interests that landed them in a foreign country are enough to connect them in building the foundations of friendship, like studying same major. However, the only thing that you can see obvisely is fear. As a Saudi student in USA I can say we often have to deal with many administration issues that may even result to the cancellation of one’s citizenship. Like getting USA Green Card. There is a fear of living in another country that never goes regardless of the period that one has lived in a foreign country. However, the interests that landed them in a foreign country, including education and business. It’s the same even the student didn’t come from same place. in fact that they didn't came from the same mother country. This will presents the argument that people living in another country are subject to change depending in economic and political way in order for them to fit in the new country.
Living in another country is always accompanied by change. It would illogical to deny the fact that living in another country-in another language and culture, principally leads to personal development. The different aspects of personality suspend and one takes on the mannerisms, qualities and opinions that define the people in a foreign country (Kohls 9). Nothing is wrong with the change. In the first place, it is a major reason why the individual moved to the new country-they wanted to evolve by putting themselves in an uncomfortable new situation that would transform their lives. For instance, many students have moved to study in the United States from other third-world countries. The movement entails a change from life in developing countries to life in a developed country. This implies that such individuals would have to undergo significant economic transformations. In their home countries, economic opportunities are limited while, in a foreign country, job opportunities are available for them (Miller 6). Similarly, the individuals would be required to undergo a social transformation in order for them to fit in the new society. In other words, when people move into another country, they have to leave behind the general socio-economic and political aspects that define their home country and adapt to the dominion of a foreign state.
Living in another country entails change, which is a factor of cultural shock. The cultural shock emanates from the emotional disorientation that a person suffers in a foreign setup since they are unfamiliar with the new environment (Miller 9). The abrupt loss of the familiar environment results to the loss of personal identity and feelings of loneliness in a strange environment. More...

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