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The Kokoda track was the site of a four month battle between Japanese and Australian troops in the Papuan capital of Port Moresby in the July of 1942. With Japanese strategy put in place they began attempt capture of the city via a track over the Owen Stanley Range, prompting battles at Kokoda, Deniki, Isurava, Eora, Efogi, Templeton’s Crossing, Ioribaiwa and Oivi-Gorari, of which Kokoda was the most famous. It’s significance for Australia was huge, as was the role it played in the future of our nation: and each and every soldier that entered into that campaign should be commended for their efforts in keeping Australia within American support. The blood bath that occurred through the ...view middle of the document...

These horrible conditions they were subjected too were inclusive of steep slopes, slippery with mud that meant they were unable to make much ground in the time they had. Surrounded by thick jungle and the kind of ‘wildlife’ that proposed disease and infection. However, these difficulties weren’t the only ones each man had to face, and as they battled the track they also battled the weather, the time of year meant wet season was in progress and the mud was only made worse by the constant downpour combined with humidity that would have been completely unbearable.

Not only did they struggle with conditions but also the fact that they weren’t fighting for Europe anymore, but themselves, and their futures - if they made it home. With General Horii’s plans set in motion to capture Papua, there were also future plans set for the capture of Australia. Our nation’s new ally with the United State’s meant we became a bigger threat to our surrounding neighbours, especially Japan. The imperial army were given optimistic orders to continue capture after Port Moresby and invade the northern shores of Australian turf and sever the ally with the USA, which would, in turn, cut us off from Britain as well.

Isolation from both Britain and America would have made Australia more vulnerable that it had ever been, and if the Japanese had been successful, our country today would have been under the rule of Japan. This would have affected many things, not only our language, but our culture and governing system. Australia is seen today as a diverse country and with the implement of democracy our freedom to speech and will has lead to many groundbreaking discoveries, and an outstanding reputation for both our land and people. Without the efforts of the 39th Battalion, not only would Australian’s have lost all that freedom but the advancements we’ve made and our entire characterisation would have been based on an entirely different scheme.

These effects would also have been detrimental to the rest in the world and could have slowly seen the fall of Britain and/or the United States. For Japan to have control over such massive territory could have sparked...

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