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Mostly about lifestyle and behavior Well writtenThe Komodo DragonWhat is a dragon? According to the dictionary a dragon is a fabulous monster represented generally as a huge winged reptile with a crested head and terrible claws often spitting fire. After listening to the report it will be up to the reader to decide whether the Komodo Dragon is really a dragon, or just another misunderstood reptile.The Komodo Dragon was not known outside of Indonesia until 1912. Komodo was usually an uninhabited island like many others in the southeast Pacific and in the vacinity of Indonesia. It was only visited by the occasional pearl diver or sea turtle hunter. Suddenly reports began to surface of a giant lizard measuring twelve feet long. In 1910 Major P.A. Owens became annoyed with the reportsand decided to find out for himself. What he found was indeed a giant lizard. In fact it was a newely discovered species. The giant lizard was forgotten until 1923 due to the first world war. The reason the lizards were so long ignored was because the island were so long uninhabited. Most of the stories were so highly exaggerated that no one believed the highly mendacious rumors.In 1926 Douglas Burden an explorer/collector for the American Museum of Natural History decided that he was going to capture and bring back several living specimens. He set out on his journey hoping to bring back three monitors. When they arrived at Komodo, they went straight to work. They set up traps and snares, baited with dead animals. They had no luck until a small six foot lizard sized up the trap. As the lizard was about to seize the bait a large nine foot, battle scared monitorclaimed the prize. He Komodo grabbed the dead goat with his serrated teeth, tearing and ripping at the goat. The Komodo dislocated its jaw, like a snake, enabling it to gulp down large chunks of meat. The snare was set off as the dragon pulled vigorously. The net that he was standing on closed pulling him into the air. The support snapped under his weight making him plummet to the ground. As he struggled to get free he began vomiting in an effort to wart off his captors.They took the Komodo to a pre made cage down wind of their camp because of the putred odor given off by the dragon and its vomit. The next morning the expedition awoke to find the lizard had torn through the metal cage and escaped. By the end of the expedition Burton had captured two monitors and shot twelve.He brought the specimen to the Bronx zoo where they attracted thirty thousand people a day. They eventually died because there was no one who knew how to properly care for them. The twelve dead were mounted and put on display at various museums. Now the world truly knew that the Komodo Dragon was a fact and not a myth.The Komodo waits along a heavily used path hoping the next thing along would be an easy victim. As a goat herder walks up the path, the Komodo lays silently in the tall grass. The Komodo lunges out striking him in the leg. The...

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