The Absence Of Choice Is A Circumstance That Is Very, Very Rare.

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The author asserts that the absence of choice is a rare cicumstance for people. I tend to agree with the author's claim. To make a choice is a fundamental right of a person. Except for some unavoidable circumstances, people are given almost absolute freedom in making choices which is quite logical and justifiable.Children have little freedom in making choices. Most of the time, their parents and teachers tell them what to do in what situation. As children grow up they are given more and more freedom to choose because their parents and teachers want them to gradually develop the ability of making their own choices. In fact the ability of making choices by themselves is considered as an indication of responsibility When a person becomes adult he enjoys almost absolute freedom in making choices in his life. The only time he faces restrictions in making choices is when it comes to abiding by the law. But this happens only in extreme cases when his choices are supposed to cause harm to other persons. Thus the fraction of time a person are deprived of free choice can be considered negligible in comparison to his whole lifespan.To control a person's life and deprive him of making any choice is unimaginable. To set predefined choices for a person for every matters of life is tantamount to treating him like a robot. To set a choice for every person for every thing in his life is an impossible task for an external authority. Thus no authority would want to take this task on its shoulder and it would rather let him make his own choices. Admittedly, in the Soviet Union, people's choices...

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