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The Lack Of Justification For Increasing Taxes On The Rich

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Increasing taxes on the rich are unjustified from a moral and pragmatic perspective. Everyone is entitled to keep the fruits of their own labor, and ask to give up more than what is needed from their basket is truly unfair.
The “Founding Fathers” never intended on creating a nation where its citizens would pay nearly half of everything they earned to just give it all to the government, such a system of taxation. So why is this justified in our judicial empire today? Majority of America is in favor of people who make more should pay more when it comes to individual taxes. I on the other hand will refute that statement, and state that the “Rich” actually already pay more to individual taxes than the lower classes.
The “Rich don’t pay their fair share” is possibly one of the most common myths in American politics. Why not go to the cold hard facts and statistics on this theory just too clear things up. Statistics show that taxes paid by the bottom 40% of lowest incomes pay about 6% of taxes, while the top 40% pay about 85% of taxes, which is about fourteen times that percentage. Progressive taxation is not inherently wrong, but if taken too far it could transform into a socialist income redistributor, which is legalized theft. Asking one minority group to shoulder the burden is almost exclusively discrimination and unethical. These who are blessed financially have an obligation to help others, but when the top 40% pay just about all of the population’s income tax, it should be enough. Everyone has a state in need and functions off the government, so this implies that everyone should pay for their share of taxes. Once you remove the huge sections of people from paying anything, there will be no incentive to demand controlled spending.
People should be free to spend or donate their rightfully earned money as they please without the government coercion. It’s unjust for the government to forcibly take money from one person to give to someone else in the name of “fairness.” Stephen king quoted, “We should all have...

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