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The Ladder Essay

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Goal: Improve structure and Convey ToneThe LadderTen, Nine, Eight Seven..... the game clock ticks as the crowd continues to rumble. Everyone is watching to see what you're going to do. You have ten seconds to make a play but you can't decide which one to pick. Do you go with the slightly confusing but more effective one? Or the easy but "we could lose the entire game" one? Your coach is screaming "red two", but you want to run "miami right". You follow your coach so you don't hear it after; it ends up you lose the game. What would have happened if you went with your gut? Would you have won the game or would you still be the laughing stock of the school. No one knows the answer until they experience it themselves, sort of like the ladder.The ladder is a tricky place to live; you can spend your entire high school career gradually climbing and fall down in a minute. Everyone is watching to see what you're going to do every minute of every day. We all know that one group of girls in our school that thinks they're the queen bees. The ones that walk around with their Michael Kors bags trying to decide, "what Sarah was even talking about." We all want to be apart of the ladder, even though we hate it. Everyone tries to climb to the peak of the ladder, just to feel what he or she feels for one day. Then you go and mess it all about by "hanging out with the nerds for a day". You say, "those are my true friends", acting like the queens of the ladder will care. They smirk and laugh while you try to recognize what you did wrong.To them the biggest decision they have to make of a daily basis is "what new pair of UGGS I'm going to wear today." The bullshit of the ladder is unreasonably the worst part about high school. It's pure jealousy, just the hatred of stuck up girls who only care about themselves. You never know what it's like on top of the ladder until you get there, peering down on all the other "peasants" of high school (the funny part is they really think we're peasants). As unusual as it sounds, I was on top of that ladder. Thinking I was the "bomb dot com", as we would say, because we were making fun of the girl who wore the same thing to school everyday. But in reality, how do we actually know what she's going through? Waking up every morning only finding two pairs of dark washed jeans, with the hole on the inside of the thigh, because her dog chewed them. Her mom is working two jobs because her dad couldn't handle the pressure of having a kid at the age of eighteen, while she works a job and takes care of her brothers because her mom just doesn't have the time. Did we ever know the circumstances she went through everyday? No, we only cared about the appearance of the girl who wore the same...

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