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The Lady Eagles Basketball Team: Perspectives From Fans, Players, And Myself

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The Lady Eagles’ basketball team has been playing exceptionally well this season with a record of 27-7. Despite their successful record, there are many fans that have differing attitudes towards watching the Lady Eagles. The majority of USM fans prefer to watch the men’s basketball team because they are more exciting and aggressive. In order to get a comprehensive view of what the fans, the Lady Eagles, and myself think about this, I performed a case study on the USM Lady Eagles basketball team. So, what are the attitudes about the Lady Eagle’s Basketball Team from different perspectives? Do fans think they are boring and slow? Are the Lady Eagles aware of their limited fan support? Also, I will explain my thoughts about the Lady Eagles. Overall, the Lady Eagles are a very good team, and it is unfortunate that because they are women, fans do not place them on the same pedestal as the men’s basketball team. It is important to get a better understanding of how others feel about the team. Therefore, I am curious to find out why some fans overlook the Lady Eagles and how the Lady Eagles feel about the fans’ perspective.
I wanted to find out more about the Lady Eagles Basketball Team, so I conducted field research and did an artifact analysis. To get more information about the Lady Eagles, I wanted them to answer some questions so that I could get a better understanding of how the Lady Eagles felt about the opinions of the fans. First, I scheduled an interview with three of the Lady Eagles: Alex Coyne, Markia Nix, and Ashley Folsom. I choose these players for an interview because they were very outspoken, and I could see that they genuinely enjoyed playing the game. I visited the Reed Greed coliseum; roughly around 1:30 p.m. on February 24, 2014, before the Lady Eagles began practice. I was hoping to learn more about the girls’ thoughts on their performance in games and they felt about the fans’ limited support. Additionally, from these interviews I was hoping to learn more about my own perspective of the girl’s work ethics and behaviors. To learn more about some USM fans’ perspective, I interviewed a fan of basketball to see how they felt about the Lady Eagles. The interview was conducted on February 24, 2014. The fan that I interviewed was Edward Johnson, and he has been a fan of USM basketball since his freshman year of college and now he is currently in his junior year.
Next, I conducted an observation on the Lady Eagles Basketball Team. I conducted my observation between 2:00pm-5:00pm in the Reed Green coliseum minutes before the start of their basketball game. I was going to observe the group so that I could see whether the Lady Eagles were aggressive and exciting to watch or not. I wanted to view their attributes through my own perspectives. I also wanted to see the excitement, the level of intensity, the aggression that the girls brought to the game, and the girls’ reaction to their limited fan support. Personally, I have never been a fan...

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