"The Lady With The Dog" A Forbidden Love

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"The Lady with the Dog", written by Anton Chekhov is the story of Dmitriy Dmitrich Gurov and Anna Sergeyevna. The story begins when Gurov is taking some time off at the province of Yalta, Russia. Which is located south of Russia by the black sea. Yalta is Russia's most fashionable resort. Gurov is a prominent man close to his forties with a family waiting for him back in Moscow. Disputing his marital status, Guruv is a person who dislikes being at home and has been unfaithful to his wife for a long time already. He considers women as a lower race, and thus he feels able to play with them as he likes, but also he recognizes that without them he will not exist a single day. Anna is a young upper class woman on her twenties who spends some time in Yalta waiting for her husband to come and meet her in that city. She is all by her self and people don't knowing her name refer to her as "the lady with the pet dog". Guruv shows some interest in her and makes the first movement, knowing that she could be a married woman; he decides to have one more affair. He is far away of the idea that this would be just one more woman on his life. In a short period of time they both fell in love with each other. They already know that this is an impossible love. "...the hardest, the most complicated part was only just beginning."("The Lady with the Dog" 235). With this last line from the story, Chekhov tells us an affirmation note in which we can imagine that even though Anna and Gurov love each other, the fact that they are both married will make things harder for them, but the first part, the hardest; the fact that they recognized their truly love for each other is a great beginning of their forbidden relationship.Dmitriy Dmitrich Gurov is a man "caught up in a life of restaurants, clubs, banquets and celebrations" (228). Gurov enjoys life to its last extend. He is from Moscow, "had a degree in literature but worked in a bank" (223). Married on his third year of college, now he has a twelve year old daughter and two other sons in high school, not yet forty he has a wife who looks nearly as twice as old as he does. Even though he has a complete life among society with a wife and kids, he is not happy. Gurov is constantly unfaithful to his wife. He speaks slightingly of women, "to whom he reffered as the lower race" (222). Gurov is a smart person who thinks that he will never fall in love, he knows how to talk to women and get what he wants and turn around with out any kind of feeling. Until he met Anna Sergeyevna he was sure that he had control of the situation.Anna Sergeyevna is a young woman still in her early twenties from Petersburg, "had gotten married in the town of S..., where she had been living two years" (223). She is unhappily married to a high rank politician and thus occupied an upper class position on society. She was on Yalta for the first time, alone and bored. The only companion of this lady was her dog, a white Pomeranian which used to be on her side...

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1683 words - 7 pages the subject and derive fresh insight from what is captured. Anton Chekhov considers himself an artist (Chekhov on Writing) and his masterpiece, "The Lady with the Dog" is created with words that capture a place and time, the movement between two people and the emotion of love discovered and contained in secrecy.Chekhov in a letter to Alexei Suvorin on October 27, 1888 said, "You are right in demanding that an artist approach his work consciously

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737 words - 3 pages frail, innocent woman who is married to a man she does not love makes us believe that there is hope. The story begins in Yalta; a seaport in Ukraine Gurov meets Anna. He begins to understand that she is much different than the other woman he has been with; she is both frail and innocent. Afterwards, they both have dinner together and stroll the beach. After a week pasts, they both meet again to watch the arrival of a steamer. After which, both

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768 words - 3 pages our own devices and if it were written in modern times, we might be compelled to believe that Gurov and Anna would leave their spouses and take hold of the intense love they have for each other. However, when we consider the time period in which the story was written and takes place, we must realize that the way our society today perceives marital commitment is vastly different from 1890. We come away from The Lady with a Pet Dog with the feelings of sorrow and pity for the two love-struck characters, trapped in their own sad lives, unable to free themselves from the pressure that society puts upon them.

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1623 words - 6 pages Anton Chekhov wrote a short story in 1899, entitled "The Lady with the Pet Dog." It is about a love affair seen from the eyes of the involved man named Gurov. The story occurs in nineteenth-century Russia, in a town called Yalta. Joyce Carol Oates, in 1972, did a wonderful job of rewriting the story, changing the protagonist from the man to the woman. Her version also changes the setting to Nantucket Island in twentieth-century America

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1166 words - 5 pages as “The Lady with the Little Dog”, the seriousness and sympathy it deserves. Chekov emphasized on the man and the woman always being “ the two pole [of every story] (p. 949). Just as there are pulls toward poles of the earth so are the pulls on the characters in his stories; these pulls being forces of life and life circumstance. “The Lady with the Little Dog” demonstrates how reality forces undesired role play between a man and woman in love

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787 words - 3 pages for an adventure? Yes, she does fall in love also but she tends to do that already. “The Lady with the Dog” turns out to be a story of two people that fall into something they would never believe is happening. They change not only their selves, but also their thoughts about other people. Gurov learns what love is, changes his whole look of women, and puts all his effort into being with a woman. This is a complete turnaround from his original show. He changes for the better, from a heartless, unhappy guy, to a person that loves.

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1849 words - 8 pages Chekhov by reworking his short story “The Lady with the Dog,” almost a century after the original was published. The “infidelities” consist of transgressions in the form, characterisation and setting, and the shift of the emphasis from male to female characters. Nevertheless, comparing both stories shows that each version does not simply stand aloof from the other—they both complement each other and produce a thorough and complete picture of the plot