The Lais Of Marie De France And Quickly Budding Love

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Boom! The door flies open and a handsome knight runs into the room and yells, “Come my lady we must go now, for he is on his way”. The lady jumps to her feet and says “My love whom is on their way?” he responds, “your husband is on the way and he has heard of our romance”. The couple joins hands and quickly runs through the castle hoping that they are not seen. Suddenly the king jumps from a dark shadow, stops the couple in a sudden halt, and says, “Where do you think you are going?” With no response from the lady, the king reaches to his side and pulls a rope that releases a large bucket of acid onto the queen and her secret lover, which eats their bodies flesh within minutes only leaving the two skeletons holding each other’s hands. This example of a wild love story portrays the love tales told in the book The Lais of Marie de France, where many lovers are quickly overtaken with the love and passion from a secret lover. The Lais of Marie de France is a book that inquires one to question the reasoning of exaggerated love stories from the middle ages with their immediate love situations, disastrous consequences, and happiness of love.
In The Lais of Marie de France, the lovers are quickly stricken with a sense of love whether it is by description of this lover, a single sighting, or a continuous reunion of the two lovers, which causes them to fall in love within a very short period of time. How does this quick sense of love assist readers in enjoying this rather embellished sense of love one may ask? An immediate sense of love in a reader’s eye is exaggeration, in which one may hope to find in his or her own life, where love is quickly drawn from both partners and appears to be very effortless. In this effortless since of love readers can take an enjoyment from the humorous, peculiar, and unexpected effect of sudden love.
However, what would love be without tribulations? In middle age love stories disastrous consequences provide readers with high expectations for the lovers within...

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