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The author identifies and analyzes six discrete land ideologies found in the Hebrew Scriptures that have influenced its readers. (preface)
In his book land refers to not only as physical realities where there is dirt and rocks, and where plants are growing, and where humans build their cities. Land refers to a social symbol with a range of meanings in which we construct its meanings for ourselves.(p.1) A subtle distinction between theology and ideology can be ; biblical theology is the doctrine and discourse about God expressed within a biblical literary unit that reflect the living faith of a given community, and Biblical ideology is a wider complex of images and ideas that may employ theological doctrines, traditions, or symbols to justify and promote the social, economic, and political interests of a group within society.(p.10) The evidence that they both are closely interrelated can be found in the biblical Prophets such as Jeremiah or Amos
The author has taken five basic categories of analysis for exploring the land ideologies. ; Dominant images of the land, Location of God ( what is God’s position relative to the land?), Locus of power in the land (locus of power and interest), Charter justifying entitlement to the land (who is justified in claiming and why?), Rights to/of the land (what rights do people have to the land?) (p.14)
Land as the Source of Wealth: A Royal Ideology
This justifies the king’s right to control and rule the kingdom and basically “to this royal land ideology are the concepts of the land as the source of wealth, the divine right of the monarch to appropriate that wealth, and the entitlement of the monarch as God’s representative to have dominion over the whole earth as an empire.”(p.17) The author discussed the wealth orientation that was portrayed in 1 Kings 3-10 ; the image of the land as empire, the locus of power in the social order, the location of God, The monarch is promoted as the earthly representative of YHWH, the monarch of heaven who has established the cosmic order. YHWH is located in heaven and from there rules the entire world. As God’s representative, the monarch claims all of the established earth below as a personal domain, The land is depicted as earthly empire.(p.31)
Land as Conditional Grant: A Theocratic Ideology
The author found source of the distinctiveness of the Deuteronomy from other ancient Near Eastern traditions in the peculiar covenant identity that Israel claimed for itself. (p.36) YHWH is more than a local deity. He is God of gods, controlling the world from on high. YHWH’s unknown deity was not widely recognized among the other nations and is only in the process of being revealed fully to Israel....

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