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2. There are quite the few protagonists in this book, but the main protagonists are Alex and Conner Bailey (The Twins) Alex is a 14-yr. old girl, who smart and loves to read books. On the other hand, Conner is known for popularity and his bad behavior.
3. These kid’s do encounter some quite mean people, Evly or the evil queen was once the most beautiful women with no flaws. Suddenly when the night before her wedding she was captured and taken as a slave for her beautifulness. When her fiancé finds out where she has been taken the begin to write letters and the enchantress noticed so her fiancé was put in a mirror as a punishment. With her love of her life in a mirror she would do anything to get him back.
4. There are many conflicts in this book that the Twins must face (internal and external) here are 3 examples. The first two conflicts will all be external that the twins will be facing, and the last conflict will be external and internal. The first external conflict that they face, is falling into this fairy world due to the sisters’ fault. Once they fell into this fairy world there first thought of course the how to get out of it and as soon as possible. There second external conflict meanwhile on their journey to escape the world and return to earth is that, they run into an Evil Queen who also seeks the wishing spell (basically grants any wish only if the certain items are collected) too. The twins want to get out the world, but the Evil Queen wants to bring her finance back into the fairy world, (her fiancé had been locked in a mirror as a punishment) The evil queen does anything to beat the twins to get a wish granted. The third conflict is external and internal, the reason for that is because the Evil Queen can win the race of getting a wish granted. This is external because the twins can no longer go back to Earth and its internal because they may never see their family again.
5. There is a various amount of settings in this book, I will do my best to describe the main settings. There is a total of 9 main setting. The first setting is the “The Dwarf Forest” here is where the twins land when they fall into the world. Then the twins begin their journey to the wishing spell and stop by “The Corner Kingdom” where one of the items needed for the wishing spell is located. The book does a shift in perspectives and now we are in “A Hidden Place” where the Evil Queen determines she too want the wishing spell, so she sends her worker to retrieve the items from various parts of fairy world. The next setting is the “The Charming Kingdom” here the twins try to sneak in Cinderella’s kingdom to get her glass slipper but are caught in the process. When they leave the kingdom thinking they didn’t succeed the open their bag and there it is the glass slipper. The fifth main setting is “The Red Riding Hood Kingdom” the twins try to get a piece of basket as an item and succeed but what they don’t know...

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