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The Laramie Project Essay

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The Holocaust was a very devastating and crucial time for the Jews. By the end of the holocaust, six million Jews were dead (Wisoder). They were either burned alive, hanged, or starved to death. The Germans felt that the Jews could not live up to their standards because of their religion and race. On the other hand, Oskar Schindler made a significant impact on the lives of the Jews. Oskar Schindler, a German, was born in Zwittaw, Austria-Hungary, which is now Morovia. He grew up with all the privileges that money could buy. Later on in his life, around the age of nineteen he married a young German woman named Emilie Schindler (Encyclopedia). He always had a mistress or two on the side. Schindler was a hard drinker and was a big time gambler. He took charge of his family's business and became a salesman when opportunity came at the beginning of the war. After Poland was invaded by Germany in 1939, Oskar Schindler moved to the polish city of Krakow, where he continued his business. Schindler took the first chance he could to get into the black market and soon made companions with the Gestapo bigwigs, loosening them up with women, money, and illegal booze. His new companions helped him get a factory, which he ran on his own. Schindler used Jews in his factory because he new that they were cheap labor. Soon Schindler started noticing how bad the 2 Nazis were treating the Jews, and how fastidious they were and he grew disgusted. Sometimes Schindler found out beforehand about the Nazis plans to terrorize the Jews so he started passing warnings to the Jewish leaders. In the beginning Schindler would treat his workers badly. Schindler started a branch camp for nine hundred Jewish...

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1347 words - 5 pages : 'What it came down to was drugs and money'.” The Guardian. N,p., 14 Oct. 2013. Web. 10 Apr. 2014. Kaufman, Moises, dir. “The Laramie Project”. 2002. DVD-ROM. Apr. 2014. “New Details Emerge in Matthew Shepard Murder.” ABC News. N.p., 6 Jan. 2006. Web. 10 Apr, 2014. Olsen, Eric. “Why Does Sensationalism Sell?”. Live Science, 25 Oct. 2012. Web. 10 Apr. 2014. Wypijewski, JoAnn. “A Boy's Life”. The Composition of Everyday Life. Eds. Mauk and Metz. 4th ed. Boston: Wadsworth. 2013. Print.

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2256 words - 10 pages Deming was raised in Polk City, Iowa on his grandfather Henry Coffin Edwards's chicken farm. He was the son of William Albert Deming and Pluma Irene Edwards. In 1917, he enrolled in the University of Wyoming at Laramie, graduating in 1921 with a B.S. in electrical engineering. In 1925, he received an M.S. from the University of Colorado, and in 1928, a Ph.D.Yale University. Both graduate degrees were in mathematics and mathematical physics, (Anonymous

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2041 words - 8 pages The Laramie Project, written by Moisés Kaufman, is a compilation of interviews by The Tectonic Theater Project, news publications, and journal entries. After the brutal murder of Mathew Sheppard in 1998. Kaufman along with his theater troupe made six visits to Laramie, Wyoming, where the murder took place, to interview people about what happened and how they felt about the crime in their community. They interviewed about two hundred people, of

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1349 words - 5 pages The Laramie Project and Shakespeare as presented in the Secured Housing Unit (SHU) at the Wabash Valley Correctional Facility (WVCF), a super-maximum security prison in the state of Indiana. These productions offer their creators and viewers alike, the opportunity to learn much about the attitudes and actions concerning how people relate to each other. They also offer an opportunity for people to understand themselves better, as well. The

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1155 words - 5 pages Bethany L. Coderre Theater-3 Ms. Kewley Hate Crimes After reading "The Laramie Project" your left with so many questions, ideas and emotions. The play is a series of interviews (reenacted exactly as they happened) to give the audience facts and true statements so that they can form there own opinion. The play takes place in Laramie Wyoming, after the "hate crime" that left 21 year old Matthew Shepard fighting for his life that ended soon after

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1696 words - 7 pages his flowing tears ran. EMT rushes a barely breathing Shepard to the Ivinson Hospital emergency room where doctors decide that the patient needs to be transferred to Poudre Valley Hospital for neurosurgery. Ironically Dr. Cantway, the physician who treats Shepard also treats McKinney twenty minutes prior to Shepard's arrival two rooms down the hall (Kaufman 2001). In an interview for The Laramie Project, McKinney's girlfriend Kristin Price