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The Largest Dam Projects Essay

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The research is about the ‘Nimbyism’ between china three gorges dam and Iowa State Delhi dam and why there is occurrence of ‘Nimbysim’ of both countries though one protest of the dam (in china) is not successful while in US it is successful. The reason why this research has considered these dams are; first these two dams are among the largest dam projects that are built in the main rivers in both countries. The second reason is that both the dams impose the impact of sustainability is very high as they are going to overwhelm large landmass, displace millions of people and also have high ecological impact. The third reason is because that the two dams have had so much negative impact, which ...view middle of the document...

9). The political economy of development is largely influence by allied grassroots groups, nongovernmental organizations, as well as social movements.
In the case of the two dams, some stakeholders that are so much concerned in the two countries in regard to construction of the dams had some form of concurrent views. The first is the farmers who were going to be forcefully evicted. In China for example the estimated hectares that were going to be wasted was about 23,000ha of agriculture land (Veeck, Ponnell, Smith & Huang, 2007). The next stakeholders that were concerned with the dams’ construction were the human right organization. They were concerned about the construction process and the forced resettlement of the people. The other people who were concerned about the construction of the dam in these countries were the environmentalist; this is because the construction of the dam was going to have a lot of impacts. In China for example the environmentalists were concerned over the loss of some already endangered species such as Sturgeon, the Yangtze Dolphin and the Siberian Crane (Gupta & Asher, 2000). Archeologists were also interested in the construction of Delhi Dam and the Three Gorge Dam in Iowa and China respectively. The other common theme is the similarity in the conflict arena. The two countries conflict as a result of the construction was the socio-cultural and environmental issues. The social-cultural issues include forced resettlement, overpowering of dissenting views, health concern and loss of archeological spots. The environmental issues include; endangered species, erosional problems and clean energy. The main local conflict that arises between the projects in the Delhi dam is because of local community displacement, lack of proper manner or policy that advocates the resettlement of the local people. The people of Delhi joined the movement that was initially formed to protest against the construction of the dam. The movement was known as the narmada dharangrasta samiti. This movement wanted better policies for settlement and compensation of the people that were going to be displaced. The people did not oppose the construction of the dam rather they were concerned about the settlement.
Why is the Delhi Dam failed?
The Delhi Dam had more conflicts than the Chinese Three Gorges Dam because the local government became corrupt about the management of the dam and the conflict the project was eliciting. The dam failed after causing destruction to 16 residences, damaged 70 and released 180, 000 cubic yards of sediments to the downstream, which led to massive flooding. The government then to some extent became negligent and didn’t take too much concern about the issue that he people living around the construction site were raising. It is this that led to the people to oppose the dam itself. The political system in local government was so corrupt and unfair.
The government refused to accept that the local people are there by right...

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