The Largest Earthquake In History: Chile 1960

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In the history of this world there have been many large, disastrous earthquakes. Thelargest earthquake ever recorded was the earthquake that took place in Chile, SouthAmerica, in 1960. This earthquake caused much damage. Many people were injured and alarge number of people were killed. The earthquake caused a large tsunami, and damagedmany towns. The enormous tremble of the earthquake was felt at different places aroundthe world.The famous Chilean earthquake was recorded as 9.5 M. This occurred on May 22,1960. The earthquake struck at 2:11 p.m. local time. The epicenter of the earthquake was60 meters down below the eastern Pacific Ocean floor, about 100 miles off the west coastof Chile. The towns that were most affected by the earthquake were Valdivia and PuertoMontt, because they are so close to the center of this massive earthquake.Approximately 30 minutes before the big 9.5 earthquake hit, there wereforeshocks. The civilians that were in the area that felt the large forshocks ran into thestreets. There were 2, 300 people that died from the earthquake that day and over 3, 000people injured. If it were not for the forshocks, the people would not have been preparedfor the immense 9.5 earthquake that was heading their way. There would have been manymore deaths and injuries if there were no foreshocks.Since the earthquake occured on the ocean floor, it caused a tsunami heading in alldirections. The tsunami reached 25 meters high, and was traveling more then 200 milesper hour. The tsunami wiped out much of the beaches and anything near the beaches. Thetsunami reached Chile and created a lot of destruction, but it even reached Hawaii andalso the coast of Japan and the Philippines where there were a few more casualties.The tsunamis...

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