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The Past Covered With A Smile

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“Just looking at a person you cannot see their past. Underneath could be a past full of pain.” This was a great saying that Brittney said on Monday, November 4th. As I interviewed her, I got to know Brittney on a whole new level.On that life changing day I learned the tragic history of Brittney Rae. We talked about three main events in her life; When she was younger, in middle school and high school, and now.
While Brittney was younger, she was exposed to more than the average person should be exposed to. Her parents, Bruce and Sherry Schommer, were alcoholics and drug addicts. They would disappear for days on end leaving poor Brittney at the age of 4 or 5, and her older sister Amber, at the age of 10, to fend for themselves. This, she thinks, “Made her grow up faster than most”. This however is just the unfortunate beginning though, with more tragedy to come.
It all starts in middle and early high school. “It all went downhill from there” she explains. The first event was the bullying, she’d recall that she'd been getting called names that she says “Were so bad that they couldn’t be written down.” She recalls that one particular event at Staples School, when, she was called things such as slut, whore, skank, all because a rumor got started that she had a baby. That day, her boyfriend broke up with her, because of the rumor. He was saying “I don't want to be a dad.” The worst was to come, though. That day a bunch of classmates surrounded her, throwing condoms at her saying in there accusing voices, “Why don't you use this next time,” “You'll need all these for all the men you sleep with.” She explains, I didn’t do anything. “I went home crying, that day I lost my friends,boyfriend, and my confidence.”
At this time, her parents blamed her for their problems, after Amber moved out. They beat her, she recalled. At times, she had to make up stories to tell the wondering teachers. She had no one to talk to, she thought that no one cared or she was too scared to tell anyone. Her depression started and she also started to get addictive habits, such as popping pills and cutting herself. She told me that she felt alone, that no one cared, she was depressed, and her friends were horrible to her, but those aren't the worst things to happen, thats next, here it is she was raped, by her supposed friend. He was 21, and she was...

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