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The Last Dog Essay

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“The Last Dog”

Katherine Paterson’s “The Last Dog” follows the teenage Brock on his journey into the world outside the dome, an dystopian earth. While in the dome, Brock was taught that there was no life outside of the dome. This thought is contradicted, however, when Brock discovers an earth that highly resembles today’s earth. This earth contains plants, water, and some organisms, such as dogs. The world outside the dome is very different than the world inside the dome. The world inside the dome is different from the world outside the dome because of the live contained in both and the resources available. The world inside the dome does have some similarities to the world outside the dome, however. Both the world inside and outside the dome contain water, and they both contain air.
The world inside and outside of the dome varies because of the life contained in both. For example, mothers do not exist inside the dome. Outside the dome, ...view middle of the document...

Inside the dome, food pellets are rationed to citizens. Outside the dome, food can be found on plants or made with animals. Nutrients are found in food pellets inside the lab. Outside the lab, nutrients can be found in natural products, such as fruits, water, and and sunlight. Although both inside and outside the dome contain water, how the water is given to people varies. Inside the dome, water is given in pellets because running water is thought to be poison. Outside the dome, running water serves as the main water supply.
The world inside and outside of the dome are the same because they both contain air. Even if humans are created in labs, air still is necessary to the healthiness of humans. The air inside the dome is what the dome’s scientists believe to be clean, because the rest of the air is poison. It is revealed that the air is not poison when Brock takes off his protective gear and breathes in the air without any major side effects taking place. Both the air inside and outside of the dome were created naturally; both were formed by the combining of chemicals. Like the world outside the dome, it is implied that the air consists of safe chemicals for humans and animals to breathe.
The world inside and outside the dome are similar because they both contain water. As mentioned earlier, the water is presented to people in different ways, but the substance does not change. The water inside and outside the dome probably consists of the same elements. In order for molecules to be classified as water, they must contain hydrogen and oxygen. Water is vital for the living of organisms, so water must be available in both the world inside the dome and the world outside the dome. Both the world inside and outside the dome contain life. Although the type of life that can be found in both vaires, life still exists in the world inside and outside the dome.
The world inside the dome is different from the world outside the dome because of the live contained in both and the resources available. The world inside the dome is similar from the world outside the dome because both contain water and air. The world inside and outside the dome vary greatly, but also share some similarities. While being very different, both worlds possess the capability to support life.

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