The Last Free Place In America

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Utopia- by definition is a community or society possessing highly desirable or perfect qualities. Throughout human existence, we as humans dream of building a perfect society. With no crime, no worries, and providing the necessities to the people. The word Utopia has high expectations, but only to a majority. Others can see a utopia with a corrupted factor, and still think of it as the most beautiful place in existence. Planted in southeastern California in the Colorado dessert a place that goes by the name of Slab City it’s recognized as “The last Free Place in America”. This place is a home to many people ranging from travelers, to the retired elderly. Here the word outcast has no ...view middle of the document...

A slab owned by Builder Bob, one of slab’s residents who have settled here for more than 20 years. Here, people are joined together. About sixty people come and take part in the karaoke that happens, filling the air with music and positive intentions. Or they simply sit down and enjoy sing alongs while welcoming the new comers into town. The Range helps set a home to new travelers, opening a place for them in the future to stay. The majority claim to like Slab, not because It’s cut off and forgotten about, but because “-people are dissatisfied with society and are looking for a place where they can be themselves.” as recalled from my friend Dan, a 28 year old who has been traveling for the past 3 years and is a common settler in the Slab’s. In this small “city” words such as Outcast, and different are no more than just words. Dan is no more different from any average human. Dan has a bachelor’s degree in Biology Almost every traveler has felt like an outcast from many people in our society. Yet, most of them decide to look the other way and try to live on the bright side and doing what’s best for them, and the world.
Religion has a very important role in the ruins of Dunlab. "Love Jesus and keep it simple," was a simple philosophy of New Englander artist Leonard Knight. Leonard is a huge role model to Slab City’s artist for his master piece, Salvation Mountain. Leonard had painted a mountain to the one and only, god. His tribute first began with...

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