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When she was satisfied what she was wearing she quickly ran down the stairs and out the door. They planned to meet at the water fountain by noon and it was ten minutes till when Freya finally made it.
“Hey!” She turned her head and saw Evan. She smiled as she waved at him. He was wearing casual clothes, dark blue pants with a blue overshirt on, slightly unbuttoned revealing a tank-top underneath. He looked more handsome then last night, she wondered why that was.
“Did you wait long?” He asked her.
“No, I just got here a few minutes ago.”
“I was sure you were going to be late,” Evan laughed, “you were always late when we were kids.”
“Well, that was different,” Freya told him, “I’ve grown up ...view middle of the document...

They also went to a few shops to look around. It was just like old times. It was as if nothing had changed between the two of them.
“Hey,” Evan said at one point, “do you want to get some ice cream?”
“Sounds yummy,” Freya giggled as they began to head toward the old ice cream polar that they visited when they were younger.
“Do you want vanilla?” He asked once they reached the window. Freya rocked back on her heels as she stared at him.
“Of course,” she stated, “when have I wanted anything different?”
“One vanilla and one chocolate,” he told them and paid for their ice cream as they waited. Once they were made, he gave one of them to Freya.
“Thank you!” She said as she began to lick the ice cream.
“That looks good,” Evan said and with that he leaned forward and licked her ice cream. This was something they did all the time when they were younger; a habit that must have been hard to break. However, Evan’s face was so closer to hers that she could see the depths of his deep blue eyes. She turned her head away from him, feeling herself blush.
“Sorry,” he whispered as he raised his head and wiped his mouth off. Freya slowly turned back around and smiled at him. He suddenly pointed to her.
“Hey, it’s dripping,” He said, handing her a few napkins. She looked down and noticed that the already melting ice-cream had managed to fall upon both her chest and all over her hands. She looked like a kid.
“Oops,” she took the offered napkins and cleaned herself up, noticing that Evan was looking away, “thank you.” She told him once she finished.
“It’s no problem, but you better it fast before it melts even more.”
They continued to walk as they ate their ice cream in silence; Freya was trying her best to eat it all before it got everywhere once again. That was rather embarrassing. As she walked behind him, she couldn’t help but notice his strong broad shoulders and how much taller he had gotten in the past four years. She felt herself blush at the thought and she turned her head away.
She enjoyed being with him here though, with this she could easily forget about the past and move on…but even though she might have been a little more forgiving, she couldn’t help but wonder why he never contacted her. She wanted to know what he was thinking right now with the two of them all alone?
“Are you alright?”
“Oh sorry,” Freya said, “I was just thinking about all the fun that we used to have.”
“Oh yeah, those were some great times. You used to follow me wherever I went.”
“Not all the time!” She quickly stated. “I just liked to be with you.”
“Yeah, I know,” he said as he gave her a soft smile and she smiled back at him. She wondered if it was natural for her to forgive him this easily. He never explained why he had not contacted her in the past four years and she never pressured the issue. She was a coward and she was just happy to be next to him once again.
However due to her thoughts, Freya was careless and didn’t see the dip in the sidewalk. She ended tripping over...

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