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The Last Juror, By John Grisham Book Report

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Justin MooreThe Last Juror This novel by John Grisham is his seventeenth novel. It is the first time he has returned to the setting of For County Mississippi in his first novel A Time To Kill. The Main character. William Traynor grew up in Memphis and graduated from Syracuse University with a degree in Journalism. He became interested in small weekly newspapers after his friend Nick told him his family was rich from owing a small weekly paper company. Will visited his rich grandmother after college and she told him to get a job. He applies to a bankrupt paper in Clanton, Mississippi in 1970. Th owner is 93 years old and his son, the editor, was a disabled world war 1 veteran. After the second ...view middle of the document...

The paper was in bad financial shape until a young widow named Rhoda Kassellaw is raped and murdered. The murderer id from a notorious family that lives on an island, that even the sheriff does not want to go to. As Willie reports all the details of the murder, his articulation increases and the paper begins to do much better. Willie also begins to look at the stories of interest and finds out about a black couple with eight children, seven of who have PHD's and are college professors. Miss Callie, the mother gets picked to be on the jury. Ford county is 26 percent black and 74 percent white. Usually black people were not found on juries because they were not registered voters. The trial takes place in Clanton at the courthouse. The jurors find Danny Pagitt guilty of murder, but do not sentence him to the death penalty. Ten years later he gets parole and jurors begin to die. Everyone thinks it has to be Danny because at the trial he tells the jury that "if you convict me I'll get every damned one of you!". Willie is afraid for Miss Callie who has become a great friend and people take turns guarding their house. In the meantime, Will has bought the large house from his landlords. The family of Miss Callie stays with him when she gets sick. Danny ends up as not being the murderer. It was actually a friend of the widow and was mad that Pagitt did not receive the death penalty. Miss Callie's sickness worsens and the family lets Willie be with them in the hospital room when she dies. Willie has sold the paper for over a million dollars and was looking to bring back gifts from around the world for Miss Callie, but he has to write her Obituary instead.

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