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Eustace Conway is one of a few individuals who live a pre-modern lifestyle. He lives in the middle of the woods, doing things his way. He is a spiritual man and views life differently than the common man. He has studied what is now his way of life and lived it his whole adult life. There have been others who view life that way, more so in the past compared to modern times. There have been fewer that are as popular and famous as Eustace. The way he views life is called transcendentalism. Unlike past transcendental icons, Eustace Conway is successful in his ways of living and incorporates his transcendental lifestyle into everything he does. Eustace is mentally stable and healthy, with which ...view middle of the document...

He felt so strongly about it that he founded the Turtle Island Preserve in North Carolina. The Turtle Island Preserve is a 1,000 acre wildlife preserve that Eustace owns. The Preserve started out when Eustace purchased 107 acres in 1987.It has now grown to a massive 1,000 acre’s.

Eustace thinks of life differently than the modern day individual. He has a more spiritual approach to going through everyday life. He keeps it simple, ‘Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without’. He lives his life like that everyday, you can see that by looking at his home and where he has carved his little perfect hole in the earth. When he talks about Turtle Island to anybody they always say he has a big smile on his face and a twinkle in his eye. For the longest time Eustace wore nothing but buckskin clothes he made himself. He says he can teach how to make clothing like that at his school on Turtle Island. Everything on Turtle Island including his house, barn, and any other buildings on the island were built the old fashion way. He lives like this because it makes him feel closer to nature. That is a big quality that transcendentalist have. He feels like when you get caught up in everyday life like the rest of the world, you miss important things that mother nature has to teach you. Eustace is one of few individuals that still feel that way about life.

One thing that differs Eustace from other past transcendental icons is his mental stability. Past icons have been questioned about their mental health and how “there” they truly were. Eustace has lived his lifestyle for years and is still mentally sound. He is still sociable which other icons have really struggled with. It's not that they weren’t good at talking, but given the chance most of them would avoid it. Not Eustace, multiple individuals have said that when given the chance Eustace will talk your ear off.

On the flip side of that coin Eustace is also similar to past icons as well. He has the same overwhelming appreciation for mother nature. He has a strong spiritual perspective on the world and life itself. He...

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