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The Last Lecture Essay

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McNabb 3Victoria McNabbMrs. PochibaAP Language and Composition7 August 2013The topic of The Last Lecture is Randy Pausch and his life. He says in chapter one, "I knew for sure that I didn't want the lecture to focus on my cancer. My medical saga was what it was, and I'd already been over it and over it. I had little interest in giving a discourse on, say, my insights into how I coped with the disease, or how it gave me new perspectives. Many people might expect the talk to be about dying. But it had to be about living." It's also kind of like a journal or a collection of stories throughout his life to one day end up with his kids. The connection I made with the text was personal, my Grandpa Rick had lung cancer but he didn't really talk much about the way he was feeling and he never explained why he was doing certain things. After reading The Last Lecture, I realize he was probably doing most of that to set things up for his family after he was gone. My opinions that have developed after reading The Last Lecture are that time is precious and is often forgotten, have a better attitude about life and always try to find the positive. He makes sure he doesn't sound all poor me which I think made the book easier to read. Instead of being all poor me, Randy was saying that he was going to life to the fullest. The thesis of The Last Lecture interprets, from the start, that he doesn't feel sorry for himself because it wouldn't do any good. His very first sentence is, "I have an engineering problem." Which is a metaphor for his cancer. So instead of saying I have cancer and my life is going to end soon he found a subtle and sort of humorous way to state that he has cancer. The overall message of The Last Lecture is that time is precious and you need to find the positive in everything. 3. The tone of the text is that he is just going to enjoy himself until he dies by spending time with his wife and kids as much as possible. I did react at an emotional level several times. There would be a part in the book where...

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