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The Last Man On Earth 1964

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The Last Man on Earth is a 1964 science fiction horror film directed by Ubaldo Ragona and Sidney Salkow. This film was adapted from Richard Matheson’s 1954 novel I Am Legend. The filmed was set in Rome, Italy and was released in theatre in the United States by American International Pictures and the UK in 1966. Through Morgan (Vincent Price), Ubaldo Ragona and Sidney Salkow are able to convey the horror and the despair of the last man living on earth that was infested by zombie like vampires resulting from a widespread plague. It was a one man’s war against the vampires, a man who was left alone and desperate in an apocalyptic world. The entire population died and became a sort of zombies living in the dark and came back to haunt the land. The vampires feared the sunlight and only attacked in the night. They endlessly pursue Morgan at night while he in turn trails them during the day and kills them. The Last Man on Earth 1964 is film that incorporates a legend that fought with vampire like creatures until his death. He remained the last man on earth while the rest of the humanity dies and came back as zombie like creatures.
Doctor Robert Morgan was the legend and sole survivor of a deadly plague that had exterminated the entire human race, including his own daughter and wife. He had immunity to lethal germs and was the only one who could fight the victims who returned as vampire creatures. He was bitten by a rabid bat and developed immunity to the virus of the vampire like creatures. He was also determined to search for other survivors despite the many zombie-like vampires that had infested the land. The loss of his daughter and wife and his solitary existence made him fight the creatures making him a legend. Doctor Morgan new perfectly how to handle the zombie-like creatures. They could not see during the day and he did all he could to trail them and kill those that were found sleeping all over and burned their bodies. He still remained a legend at night because despite the vampires trying to attack him, he used fear mirrors and garlic to scare them away. Morgan was a legend because, he killed them yet they could not kill him as they were weak and unintelligent for they could not discern how Morgan operated.
The story is simple but gets the reader to find out how a legend was made from a man that was left alone and resulted to depression, emotional turmoil, drinking and loss of his humanity but continued fighting the...

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