The Last Meal Essay

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The Last Meal
Back in the biblical era, stoning was the cruel way in which condemned individuals met their fate. As thousands of years passed, man has devised many other ways in which they can take revenge on one another. But as time passed, man has learned to discriminate against the other through things such as social status, origin and physical appearance. It is a shame to say that in the modern society that we live in today, these discriminations still persist even through our legal system. With the first execution in the United Sates in 1976, one can notice the pattern between capital punishment and African Americans.
From 1976 to present day, there has been a total of 1379 executions ...view middle of the document...

Compared to southern states, the Midwest, West and Northeast regions of the United States have miniscule figures in total numbers of executions. States in the Midwest have a combined total of 165 executions since 1976, according the DPIC. Altogether, The West and Northeast regions hold 88 total executions with just 4 in the Northeast since 1976. All these statistics demonstrate the ever so present ruthlessness of modern but ignorant southern states such as Texas and Oklahoma. Perceived as the most “constitutional” method of execution, the Lethal Injection took the lives of 1204 people followed by Electrocution with 158 since 1976, according to the DPIC. Taking the lives of 17 people, I was shocked to discover that execution by Gas Chamber, Hanging and Firing Squad is still in use as a technique of execution in present day. Goes to show the cruelty that still resides. One can make the conclusion that not many people are aware of all methods of execution and its barbarity.
African Americans have been subject to many serious challenges since the dark days of slavery during the 1800’s. To this very day, these challenges only seem to worsen and or taken other forms in which they could manifest. In an article published by Tio Hardiman in the Chicago Huffington post, African American people only make up 13% of the population in the United States. Despites this very small percentage, African-American males, especially are leading the charge when it comes down to incarceration, school dropout, high employment and poverty. As an African man, marginalized into the African-American demographic, it pains me to learn about these types of situations. Although these conditions could be changed (This would take a lot of work), it does not help that most African-American males live in poverty ridden environments. These types of situation can only cause a domino effect for most who would fall prey to the life of sex, drugs, dirty money, and gangs and ultimately spending most of their lives in and out of prison. The ones considered by the states in which they reside as “dangerous”, end up succumbing the Death Penalty more so compared to their white skinned peers. Nationally, a staggering 98% of prosecutors are white. In an article titled, The Death Penalty in Black and White: Who Lives, Who Dies, Who decides, author Richard Dieter reveals that through a study that Black Defendant are 1.4 times more like to receive the death penalty just for being black as opposed to an 0.8 times likeliness of any individual receiving the death penalty after a Murder accompanied by a felony.
From initial charging decisions to plea bargaining to jury sentencing, African-Americans are treated more harshly when they are defendants, and their lives are accorded less value when they are victims. All-white or virtually all-white juries are still appointed in many places in the United Sates. Journalist David A. Love of The Guardian (Journal) dissects and pinpoints the most racially...

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