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The Last of Us
“The Last of Us” is an award winning video game developed by Naughty Dog and produced by Sony Entertainment for the PlayStation3 (PS3). It features a blend of action-adventure, stealth, and survival horror genres, and is set in the post-pandemic ruins of the United States. Yet, while those elements make the game interesting and enjoyable to play, it is the story that motivates the player forward. Equal parts fiction and nonfiction, a bit of real world truth goes a long way in making this game significantly better than the vast majority of other horror-adventure titles. Naughty Dog’s “The Last of Us” is the ...view middle of the document...

The other part being the story itself, which Naughty Dog does exceptionally well. “The Last of Us” tells the tale of Joel and Ellie, and their journey to find a cure decades after a fungal infection has ushered humanity beyond a breaking point. Joel is an apathetic man; heavily tormented by grief over his daughter’s death and the loss of everything he once valued. Ellie, born several years after the initial outbreak, isn’t as emotionally jaded. The world as it’s presented in the game, turned upside down and essentially torn apart by a major crisis, is the only world she has ever known. The story of “The Last of Us”, rather than focusing on its clichéd setting of a zombie-infested, post-apocalyptic world, is about the gradual bond that forms between the two main characters. Joel and Ellie’s relationship is one the developer ingeniously establishes over the course of the game with subtle nuances instead of overt gestures.

Another stroke of Naughty Dog’s genius comes from the gameplay. Ammunition, weapons, and ingredients for crafting are extremely scarce, setting the survival horror aspect of the game at the forefront of a player’s mind in its truest sense. Combat in "The Last of Us" adds to the sense of intensity and believability felt throughout the game. The player must survive encounters with two types of foes: humans and infected. Often unpredictable, human enemies behave more intelligently in “The Last of Us” than...

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