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The Latest Tv Technology Essay

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Television has always been a major source of entertainment. The television manufacturing companies are working on developing new technologies that consumers would find more feasible. The recently concluded CES in Las Vegas a couple of months back would give an idea about what the future of television would be like. The pace at which the television technology is moving is unbelievable and we are sure to find televisions that are not only curved and bent but brighter and bigger too.
OLED Technology:
OLED means Organic Light Emitting Diodes. A carbon based organic film is placed between two conductors. A bright light is emitted when electric current is applied. Since OLED materials emit ...view middle of the document...

This is the biggest advantage. Be it OLED or TFT, a curved TV offers wider viewing compared to a flat screen. It is said the screen’s gentle curvature matches the natural curves of our eyes and sight. The picture appears to be sharper at the corners. The OLED curved TVs are much better than the LCD, LED or Plasma TVS. Another favourable point with the curved TVs is the sophistication and elegance of the curved display with an aesthetic appeal and the amazing technology that is packed in it. The TV is a super sized beauty. But there are a few hiccups too. One major difficulty is mounting the TV to a wall. All other TVs these day save space as they can be mounted on the wall. Another problem is people sitting in extreme right or left of the screen. They disrupt the immersive experience that one can enjoy viewing the curved TV sitting in the middle. The high cost is the biggest disadvantage. You would land up thinking is it worth paying so much? They may go the way 3D TVs did. It is like forcing the technology down the consumer’s throats without bothering to check if they understood the total...

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