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As I look back into my childhood, I remember my friends and I were playing a game of football outside on a sunny day. Then, when the other team kicked the ball, it landed beyond the old, gray, and dull wooden fence. This fence had not been painted for ages, and if you ran your hand against it, you would end up with slivers. There were boards missing, and we could see our football. It had landed in some tall weeds, which is what most of the yard consisted of, with a lot of bare spots next to the house. The house looked like an abandoned, rundown shack. The windows were really murky and the paint on the house was curling. We then looked at each other and decided it was not worth going to get our ball because the house looked scary.As I look back on this event, I realize that it was kind of silly. We could have gotten that ball, if our preemptive judgments hadn't stopped us. The guy that lives in that house is a nice guy but doesn't really follow social "norms." He doesn't take care of his yard or house, and he doesn't come outside much. Since he doesn't follow these norms, we make false judgments.It wasn’t just us that made these false accusations. As people walk by, they look at his house with disgust. Teenagers poke fun by vandalizing his property. In this society, we don't accept people that are out of the ordinary. We avoid eye contact with these people. To us, they are the outsiders that we created by exiling them from society for not following social norms.Everything we grow up with is now systematic. Standardized tests, systematic government, busy schedules; a successful life depends on how you deal with all these systematic things. Systematic things are only one way to do things. Some people are bad at doing things this way and thus, are different and are not as successful in life as other people.In elementary school, they tell us to be different, to be unique. One of my friends, probably the most unique kid I ever knew, became a social outcast. People said bad things about him and gave him mean looks. Everyday, he would be bullied, ignored, bumped, and even made fun of all because he did not follow the recipe in the cookbook of society. He never won any art contests, even though he was astonishing when it came to art, because barely anyone would vote for him. All of this because he doesn't fit in and because he is different.Society has countless norms we follow, most of the time unconsciously. That's the way we were brought up. We were told when we could do this or when we should not do that. But what if you were an orphan and never acquired these norms? What if you were a foreigner who had grown up away from these norms and therefore did things differently because the norms of your country were different from those in other countries? Either way, you would be rejected from society.My...

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