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A great deal of discrimination was put onto the African Americans, by the White Americans during the 1930s, intensifying many situations of the American society. The Jim crow laws has been the cause of the segregations that occurred between the races. The laws restrict the many rights of the African Americans. The goal of the Jim Crow laws was to limit the communication between the colored races and whites. (Henry Hampton) The Jim Crow Laws consist of many types of segregations which includes: segregation of public education, segregation of transportation, and segregation of public places which impacted the relationships between races.
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Thus, the relationship of the two races are limited because of the restrictions that were put forth in education, which separate them.
Moreover, segregation in transportation further separated the African Americans and the whites. For instance, In a bus,whites cannot be sitting in a African American’s seat and African Americans cannot be sitting in a white person’s seat, according to the law in Louisiana.( It is common for both race to sit in separate vehicles because of the Jim Crow laws. Based on this law, it is clear that each side of the race did not welcome each other inside the same vehicle. In addition to the segregation in buses, white and colored races are to be segregated as passengers in the train by using separate rooms in the train. The relationship between the both races are rather not very close because of the separation. According to an article, A man named Plessy was in trouble for sitting in a seat made for whites in the train ( This illustrates that transportation was difficult for both groups as they cannot ride in the same vehicles at most times. It is evident that Plessy was not accepted by the white Americans.
Furthermore, segregation existed in the public places of America. Regardless of the “separate but equal law,” the American whites did not accept the fact of an African American man using a public facility. For instance there were signs placed at public pools or showers that would say, “no black people can use,except for the whites.” (Henry Hampton). Other signs in the public includes renting which specifies the race that the renter wants ( Signs that provides information to one of the two races illustrates that both races did not want to be involve with each other’s lives because the signs only directed their services toward one specific race. In addition to the signs that led to a public facility, African Americans were not able to dine in, use the same water fountain...

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